3 Easy Ways to Take a Screenshot of an Entire Web Page

I’ve already share 3 awesome tools to take screenshots for Mac/Windows. But when it comes to taking a screenshot of a full web page, these tools aren’t the best options. Whenever I try to take a screenshot of an entire web page by using PicPick, it doesn’t work smoothly and I don’t get the exact image that I want. In this post, I will be talking about three ways which will let you capture a full web page.

1. Online Tools

Here are two online tools that are handy to take a screenshot of a full web page.

Snapito: It’s a free tool for taking screenshots of webpages. Just go to Snapito website and enter the website URL that you want to take a screenshot. And click on Snap.

snapito full page screenshot

Screen Capture: This is another awesome tool created by Tech Blogger Amit Agarwal. Screen Capture tool will generate a high quality picture of web page as PNG format. All you need to is visit the site and click on ‘Capture Screenshot’.

2. Chrome Extensions

If you are a Google Chrome user, then you can consider using any of the following extensions.

Awesome Screenshot: This is my personal favorite. I’ve been using this plugin for a while. By using this extension, you can capture the whole web page or any portion. You can also annotate screenshot and blur sensative information.

3 Easy Ways to Take a Screenshot of an Entire Web Page 1

Webpage Screenshot: This another useful tool for capture entire web page. You can capture vertical or horizontal content apperearing on any webpage on the internet.

If you are using Mozilla Firefox, you can use Webpage Screenshot in Firefox add-on.

3. Desktop Tools

If you want to use an offline tool on your PC, then you can try following those.

PicPick (Windows): PicPick is an useful tool to take screenshots. You can use this tool to take a screenshot of full webpage. But I didn’t find it very useful at the time of taking entire web page screenshot. But it has some awesome features.

PicPick Screenshot tool

Skitch (Mac): If you are using Mac, then you can consider using this popular screenshot tool. Just drag a URL from your onto Skitch and it’ll take screenshot of the entire webpage.

Do let us know which tool you like most for capturing entire webpage screenshot. If you find this post useful, please help me by sharing this post on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

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