Easiest Way to Embed PDF files in WordPress Blog Post

At times you might need to attach PDF documents or Spreadsheets to provide more information to your readers. But it’d be annoying for your readers to download the document every time.

Instead you can embed the documents in your blog posts and make it easier for your readers. In this post, I will show you how you can embed a PDF document in your blog posts using a WordPress plugin called Google Doc Embedder.

Don’t get confused with the name. It doesn’t need files to be on Google Docs and you don’t need to have a Google Doc account to use it.

How to Embed PDF files in WordPress Blog Post

First of all you need to install and activate Google Doc Embedder. ( Read : How to Install WordPress Plugin )

After activating you’ll have to configure some basic settings. You can find GDE Settings under Settings tab. From this page you can configure many things. You can select Viewer mode, Default Language, Default size etc.

Google Doc Embedder Settings
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Google Doc Embedder Settings

If you select Enhanced Viewer mode you can choose which items to include in the toolbar (zoom in/out, page numbers, next page, full screen) and change the color of the background and border of the viewer.

You can Choose whether you want to show the download links to everyone or just logged in users and customize the Download link of that PDF document.

Advanced tabs lets you handle how the plugin is integrated with the Visual editor, the maximum file size, and error handling. You can also integrate Google Analytics for stats.  And import and export settings in case of site migration or any other problems.

Now let’s see how to embed the document.

You can either use Shortcode or you can use the Google Doc Embedder button from Visual Editor.

Use the shortcode like this :

Google Doc Embedder Shortcode
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You can also use GDE button in WYSIWYG Editor. When you install the plugin there is ‘g’ mark button added in your Visual editor.

Google Doc Embedder Button
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Click on this button and it will  bring up the embedder dialogue screen. Paste the PDF URL into the URL field. Select width and height of the document. Select whether people are allowed a download link or not. And it will generate a shortcode automatically.

Paste the PDF's URL that you copied into the URL field.
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Click on the Insert button. Ta daa! You’re done. You have now embedded a PDF document in your blog post. And your readers can read it without any Adobe Browser Extensions whatsoever.

Note : With Google Doc Embedder you can embed 14 types of document in your blog posts including – PDF, PPT, XLS, DOC, PSD etc. And don’t forget it does not embed Google Docs. It simply uses Google Docs API is to display locally hosted files in the blog not embedding from the Google Docs itself.

Let us know if you have any other ways to embed PDFs in WordPress blog posts. Don’t forget to share the post.

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6 thoughts on “Easiest Way to Embed PDF files in WordPress Blog Post”

  1. Kalpana goyal

    Simply amazing post nice plugin and working properly on new updates of wordpress..

    thanks for sharing this information I am looking for this from a long time.

  2. Hey, Imtiaz

    I didn’t even think this was possible.
    Only last week i want to include a PDF in my post, but I just had to link to it instead.

    I’m going to use this, thank bro.

  3. I have tried and this worked smoothly, can provide tutorial on how to highlight text in WordPress post or page. We stuck in a situation when we need highlight text in the post, if you can provide this tutorial it will help a people like me a lot.

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