How to Check if Your Website is Down or Not

If you are a site owner, then there is chance that sometimes you may face problem on accessing your site. But not be able to access your site doesn’t mean that your site is down. Sometimes you may not be able to access your site because of  ISP or DNS problem.  As a result you are the only person who are not being able to access it.

So whenever you find that your site is down, before freaking out I suggest you to check if your site is down for everyone or just for you. You can do this by accessing your site from other devices or just asking  a friend to check your site. However, here are two tools that will help you to test if a site is down for everyone or just for you.


It will perform a quick check if your site is actually down for everyone or just for you. All you need to do is, enter you site URL and click on ‘or just me’ link. It has also a short URL ( for quick access.

down for everyone or just me
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It helps you to find whether the website you are trying to enter from your browser is down for you or everyone around the globe. It also shows the response time and last down time. Short URL of the site is

Is it down right now
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Hope these tools help you to check whether your site is up or down. Do let us know if you know about any other tools like these. Like us on Facebook to get regular updates.

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