How to Fix Cheatin’, huh? WordPress Error [Quick Guide]

Istiak Rayhan

Fix -Cheatin', huh-- Error In WordPress

Few days back, all of my blog posts started showing “Cheatin’, huh?” text instead of the actual content. If you are a regular reader of RTB, you might have noticed that too.

At first, I thought my blog got hacked. And hacker uploaded the text.

After doing some research, I found that it was a WordPress error. Knowing that was a great relief. At least my blog didn’t get hacked. But I had to find and fix the error to show the actual content of my blog posts to the readers.

I was able to fix the error. In this post, I will be sharing how to fix “Cheatin’, huh?” WordPress error. If you are facing this issue on your blog, read on.

1. Deactivate the Recently Installed or Updated WordPress Themes/Plugins

This error mainly happens because of incompatibility between current WordPress version and recently installed or updated WordPress plugin/theme.

cheatin huh WordPress error
“Cheatin’, huh?” error in WordPress blog posts.

In my case, it was a WordPress plugin. Before showing the error, I updated two WordPress plugins. I deactivated those two plugins one by one and found the guilty and fixed the error.

If you’ve installed or updated several plugins at a time, just deactivate one by one and refresh your blog to see if the error exists or not. In this way, you will be able to find the plugin that causes the error.

Once you’ve found the guilty, keep that plugin deactivated and let plugin’s author know about the error.

Don’t activate the plugin unless you get an update.

2. Downgrade WordPress to Previous Version

I think deactivating WordPress plugins/themes solves the Cheatin’, huh? WordPress Error.

While researching about the error, I came to know about another error named “Cheatin’, uh?”. It kept showing “Cheatin’, uh?” message in WordPress dashboard while uploading something to WordPress.

Cheatin uh WordPress error
Cheatin’, uh? error in WordPress dashboard.

Most of the people solved this problem by downgrading WordPress.

If you are facing this issue after updating WordPress, you can try to solve the problem by downgrading WordPress to the previous version.

3. Get Help from WordPress Support Forum

If you can’t solve the problem by following above two steps, I’d suggest you to take help from WordPress Support Forum.

There are thousands of developers who can solve the problem. Just create a new topic and write down the problem in detail you are having. You can also post links or screenshots to make it easier for others to understand the problem.

WordPress support forum
WordPress Support Forum is the best place to get solution of WordPress issues.

4. Fix the Issue from WP Fix It for $39

WP Fix It is a WordPress troubleshooting service that helps you to solve your WordPress Issues instantly for just $39. They provide fixes for platform issues, theme issues, plug-in issues and general issues.

WP Fix It
WP Fix It fixes WordPress issues for only $39.

It’s better to spend $39 rather than spending few hours to figure out the problem. WP Fix It promises to solve any single issue for only $39. If they can’t fix your problem, they will refund your money. You have nothing to lose.

If you are going to use WP FIX IT, use the coupon code RTBSAVE to save $5.

If you can’t figure out the problem, I’d suggest you take help from WP Fix It.

Over to You

I hope this post helped you to solve the problem.

Let us know whether you’ve solved the problem or not. If you’ve solved the problem, share your experience with us.

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    1. It’s a rare case. The purpose of this post is to let you know that you don’t have to panic if it happens. It’s just an error.

  1. Hi Istiak,

    Thanks for sharing this informative post. I hope WordPress will fix this issue with the new update. Also, it is very much recommended to take backup and then update themes and plugins.

    Errors like these will surely create panic and might leave a bad impression on the visitor.

    Kind Regards.

    1. Actually, WordPress is not responsible for this error. This error happens because of incompatibility between theme/plugin and WordPress. So the theme/plugin is the main guilty.

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