30 Best WordPress Themes For Food Blogs (2019)

30 Best WordPress Themes For Food Blogs (2019) 1

Food & recipe blogs are on the rise. More and more people share what they cook and earn a good living doing so.

If you know how to cook and have knowledge about food ingredients, you can start a food blog.

Starting a blog has never been easier than now. Just buy a domain and hosting space and install WordPress. And you are good to go.

One of the problems that you might face when you are just building your blog is choosing your theme. Because most of the traditional themes are not designed for food blogs.

And before you start worrying, since these blogs are on the rise, many developers and designers went all in creating a lot of themes for food blogs.

If you are worried about which one to choose, here are the top 30 WordPress themes for food blogs. These are not only paid themes, but there are also free themes to choose from if you are on a limited budget. Let your recipes stand out! :)

1. Foodica

30 Best WordPress Themes For Food Blogs (2019) 2

Created by the team at WPZOOM, Foodica is one of the top food themes available in the market. It is perfect for any food blog, magazine or recipe website.

The theme is simple, but the style is modern. With ten color schemes and a great-looking featured slider that comes in 3 styles, you can mold it to look as you want. It integrates with WooCommerce, so you can sell your products. The recipe index is another important feature to have in your food blog.

2. Foodie Pro

30 Best WordPress Themes For Food Blogs (2019) 3

Based on the Genesis framework and available for sale on their site, StudioPress, Foodie Pro is one of the best themes that you can get on the Genesis framework for food blogs. That means a fast-loading website and highly optimized theme for Google.

The design is clean and minimal, but it is packed with a lot of features to choose from. It comes with plenty of color and typography options as well.

With the theme customizer, you can easily tweak how your site looks by changing the background image, color and/or how your content appears. You can also use the customizable header to easily upload your own logo or use text-based logos.

3. Food Recipes

30 Best WordPress Themes For Food Blogs (2019) 4

Available on the ThemeForest marketplace, this theme is another great option to think about when creating your food blog. Besides the good-looking design, this theme is rich with features.

A front-end recipe submission form, four-color skins to choose from, available 3 languages, and 5 slider variations already present, and much more. They have also included 7 PSD files if you want to geek out a little bit and edit the design in Photoshop.

4. iCook

30 Best WordPress Themes For Food Blogs (2019) 5

Created by the team at TeslaThemes, iCook is a great way to showcase your recipes in a fast-loading site with a clean and responsive design.

It comes packed with features such as a beautiful gallery that can showcase your recipes with a filter to easily categorize your recipes and showcase the right ones based on filters set by the visitor. It includes custom shortcodes for recipes that can easily list the ingredients of your recipe.

And since it comes with the Tesla framework, you can easily have full control over how your theme looks and customize it without touching a line of code.

5. Kale

30 Best WordPress Themes For Food Blogs (2019) 6

Kale is one of the best free themes available on the WordPress marketplace related to food blogs. It is already installed in over 20k websites.

With its uncluttered approach to designing the site (having a good-looking site that is elegant), you can’t go wrong with this design. It integrates with WooCommerce, so you can easily sell your products.

It is optimized for search engines — the front page is perfectly created to showcase your recipes, with built-in menus included, and much more. You can’t go wrong with choosing this theme if you are short on budget.

6. Food & Cook

30 Best WordPress Themes For Food Blogs (2019) 7

Food & Cook makes it easy to share your recipes in a beautiful and clean design that you can control. It comes with 6 homepage layouts, 3 recipe layouts, & 11 page templates.

Available on the ThemeForest marketplace, Food & Cook integrates with WooCommerce to help you sell your products. Submit recipe form is available, and Google Microdata is supported. You can easily control the color from theme options, and PSD sources are included.

7. Cookely

30 Best WordPress Themes For Food Blogs (2019) 8

Cookely is another great theme created by the team at WPZOOM. As like Foodica, it comes with a simple design that is packed with features.

The header is compact, so it won’t eat up much of the page space. And the feature is flexible, so you can highlight posts you specify whether recent posts or popular ones and display 3 categories at the same time. It comes with 4 readily available color schemes, and you can choose whether to go with the grid or blog layout.

And you can install the demo with just 1-click.

8. Basil

30 Best WordPress Themes For Food Blogs (2019) 9

Basil is a food WordPress theme powered by the Cooked Pro plugin which is included for free with the theme for one year.

It includes a drag-and-drop recipe builder and a recipe slider that you can use on the homepage created specifically for recipes created on the Cooked plugin. Not to mention that it is 100% SEO friendly with structured data, recipe schema, ratings, and more. You can also add things like cooking time, social sharing buttons inside the recipe posts, and even add nutrition facts label. Not to mention the ability to add favorites, reviews & ratings.

9. Florentine

30 Best WordPress Themes For Food Blogs (2019) 10

This is another great-looking magazine theme to showcase your recipes and articles. You just need to follow instructions to create a great-looking recipe post without much work from you.

A great feature included here is the distraction-free cooking mode where with the click of a button, they can open a viewer where the recipes and instructions placed with distractions. Not to mention built-in social sharing and the ability to tweak settings with the theme customizer without the need to touch a line of code.

10. Nepture

30 Best WordPress Themes For Food Blogs (2019) 11

Nepture is created for people who want to share their recipes in a stunning way. It comes with everything you need to not just create a great blog, but build a beautiful community around it.

It comes with searchable recipe ingredients, recipe nutritional information, integrated cooking time, cooking mode, user registration and login functionality, the ability to review and rate recipes, bookmark recipes they like, organize recipes with country flags, the ability to submit their own recipes, unique featured recipes with 6 different layouts, and much more.

You need to check the demo and try it yourself to know how good it is.

11. Delicio

30 Best WordPress Themes For Food Blogs (2019) 12

Delicio is another great theme created by the team at WPZOOM that is perfect for restaurants, coffee shops, and food-related businesses that want to have a captivating presence online.

You can use the theme customizer to make the theme look as you want. Not to mention the easy-to-use menu included where you can add different items and sections and sort their location through drag-and-drop. You can also create a reservation page to make it easy for your users to book time on your calendar.

The drag-and-drop page builder helps you create pages with ease, not to mention the WooCommerce integration that integrates with the theme that you can use to receive payments.

12. Sprout & Spoon

30 Best WordPress Themes For Food Blogs (2019) 13

Sprout & Spoon comes with a minimal looking theme that looks great and comes packed with features that you need as a food blogger.

Available on the ThemeForest marketplace, it includes the ability to create custom recipe index, add a stackable promo widget, choose from different post layout. Not to mention their elegant custom recipe card that makes drafting and printing your recipe a piece of cake.

13. Daily Dish Pro

30 Best WordPress Themes For Food Blogs (2019) 14

Created by the team at StudioPress on the Genesis framework, the focus of this theme is only one thing, showcase your content and make the focus of the visitors on it. That means no flying colors everywhere and so on. A minimal design that looks modern with the main focus on the content.

And you can tweak the colors of everything on the page easily with the theme customizer. You can also have a homepage with 3 widgets places and a customizable header that enables you to upload your logo with a click of a button.

14. Food Recipes

30 Best WordPress Themes For Food Blogs (2019) 15

Food Recipes is a free theme available in the WordPress marketplace. But if you think that free means low-quality, then think again because this theme changes the perspective of free themes.

It is not as minimal as other themes mentioned in this post, but that might be perfect with what you want. The look of the site is great, but you don’t have many of the extra features available in other professional themes. A great option if you are on a budget.

15. CupCake

30 Best WordPress Themes For Food Blogs (2019) 16

Created by the team at CyberChimps, CupCake is a perfect theme for bakery websites. It is created to make it easy to show and display your recipes with reviews and images. It provides you with options to create carousel, sliders, boxes, showcase or portfolio to always make your content look the best way and drive more business.

Don’t forget their drag and drop page builder, one-click maintenance mode, the mini cart available in the header area, and of course, their support team.

16. SocialChef

30 Best WordPress Themes For Food Blogs (2019) 17

SocialChef is a responsive WordPress theme that focuses on the community part to help you build a community around your websites. You can easily create forums, groups, member profiles & activity feeds.

There is also their advanced search that is built-in with a front end submission form as well. It integrates with WooCommerce and makes the part of selling look good.

A rating system is available as well, with the ability to favorite recipes and add nutrition facts & metadata and much more.

17. Yumblog

30 Best WordPress Themes For Food Blogs (2019) 18

Created by the team at UpThemes, YumBlog 2.0 was updated to support the community part of your food blog.

It includes the Cooked plugin, a recipe plugin that helps you create recipes with ease and the ability to do a recipe search, add front-end submissions, and full-page recipe viewer. It integrates with the Beaver Builder plugin to help you use their drag-and-drop feature on any of your pages on WordPress.

18. Food Blog

30 Best WordPress Themes For Food Blogs (2019) 19

Created by the team at NimbusThemes, Food Blog comes with a minimal design, like their name, that focuses first and foremost on your content.

Easily build SEO-friendly recipes, share your images using their photo-friendly layouts, and make sure that everything fits under the brand you want to build by choosing colors using the color picker. You can add social media buttons or use any of their responsive shortcodes and buttons.

19. Chow

30 Best WordPress Themes For Food Blogs (2019) 20

Chow is another theme available on the ThemeForest marketplace that enables you to share your recipes and cooking tips with your audience. Support for Schema to be displayed on Google. FoodiePress plugin is included that allows you to add recipes with their front-end editor and easily do advances advanced search by ingredients.

Customizable layouts and templates are available for every recipe with print styles. You can add members with the Ultimate Member plugin and have the Chow dashboard where users can see their favorite recipes and submit their own recipes as well.

20. Petit

30 Best WordPress Themes For Food Blogs (2019) 21

Petit is another great theme created by the team at WPZOOM, which is perfect for recipe websites. It comes with shortcodes to easily create your ingredients and directions box.

It also comes with carousel and slideshow that are placed on the homepage to display your top recipes. You can also choose which recipes to place using a checkbox in the post itself, so it is automatically placed in the page. There is also an Instagram widget that you can use to add your images inside Instagram right away. And you can import the demo with just a click.

21. Recipe

30 Best WordPress Themes For Food Blogs (2019) 22

Recipe takes pride in being one of the fastest recipe themes in the market. Available on the ThemeForest marketplace, Recipe has a great modern look to it, unlike most of the themes already mentioned in this post.

It comes with recipe ratings, recipe step-by-step instructions, recipe ingredients, recipe nutrition information, recipe print, and much more. You can use it to build a community through its members feature like the ability to submit recipes, member levels, member social registration, member profile page, and much more.

Its search features are top-notch as well. It supports 8 post formats to choose from depending on the type of post you are publishing.

22. Salt and Pepper

30 Best WordPress Themes For Food Blogs (2019) 23

Salt and Pepper is a great recipe WP theme created by the team at Tesla Themes. It is perfect if you are a chef or if you want to build an audience around your expertise.

It comes with a recipe filter to make it easy for your audience to find the perfect recipe for them. Since it is made by the team at TeslaThemes, expect it to be super fast and 100% optimized for SEO. You can also install the demo with a click.

It also comes with a drag-and-drop page builder that you can use to structure your page as you want without touching a line of code.

23. Lahanna

30 Best WordPress Themes For Food Blogs (2019) 24

Lahanna is a great option for your food blog. It is created by the team at Pixel Wars and is available on the ThemeForest marketplace.

It comes with an interactive ingredients list, timer links for your visitors, the ability to view your recipe in full screen, an easy-to-use background form, including the ability to drag-and-drop options, a built-in beautifully styled related posts module, and more. You can install the demo with just one click.

24. Cook’d Pro

30 Best WordPress Themes For Food Blogs (2019) 25

Created on the Genesis Framework, Cook’d Pro is a food-focused theme that blends minimalism and responsiveness. That doesn’t mean the design doesn’t look good. It is super clean with a light-on-the-eyes look that emphasizes your content.

You can use their feature images and recipes option to create a good-looking recipe post. Not to mention the ability to use the theme customizer to easily tweak your theme’s color, background image, and content look without working with codes.

25. Elara

30 Best WordPress Themes For Food Blogs (2019) 26

Elara is a beautiful-looking theme available for free on the WordPress themes marketplace. It is suited for food blogs. Its front pages can be used to display a highlighted post, featured categories, a post slider, and more.

It supports multiple post formats including full-width page template and video format posts. Not to mention that it comes with built-in social media icons/menus. The theme is widgetized well to help you place widgets on different places in the post.

26. Recipes

30 Best WordPress Themes For Food Blogs (2019) 27

Recipes is a full-fledged recipes theme for WordPress, or as they call it an ultimate theme. Available o the ThemeForest marketplace, Recipes is customizable and easy to set up WP theme that can be perfect to share your recipes with your visitors and make them find the perfect ones with ease.

You can easily import demo with a click, customize the homepage as you want with their full widget option, ability to make users submit recipes from the front-end, add recipes to their favorites, rate recipes, and sort recipes by different criteria.

Metadata for ingredients, cook time, servings and prep time are also available.

27. Cuisine

30 Best WordPress Themes For Food Blogs (2019) 28

Available on the MOJO marketplace, Cuisine is a theme created for food bloggers that allows you to easily create and show off your recipes. It comes with different layout and header styles, page variations and color schemes that you can customize to display the page as you want.

It uses their own custom plugin to create a recipe section and have everything needed to create a good-looking recipe post. Each recipe has its own recipe card which can be placed on multiple pages. Custom widgets are available to include in the theme as well.

28. Good Food

30 Best WordPress Themes For Food Blogs (2019) 29

Good Food is more of a magazine-looking food theme where you can display your recipes in a good-looking way. Available on the ThemeForest marketplace, the theme has its custom recipe post type that enables you to add interactive recipes to your magazine in a good-looking way.

It integrates with WooCommerce, so you can create your own store and sell products online. You can also use their events calendar to schedule workshops and events. It comes with 3 layouts to choose from + more than 99 shortcodes to make it easy to build the blocks of your page.

29. RecipePress

30 Best WordPress Themes For Food Blogs (2019) 30

RecipePress is a premium theme created for recipe and food blogs which is available on the ThemeForest marketplace. It comes with different home page variations to choose from and over 15 sections that you can use to customize the look of the page.

It comes with a frontend recipe editing and submission form where users can submit their own recipes without going to the backend. They can also manage their profiles from the front end as well. It also comes with 4 slider variations and recipe listing where it can be displayed in Grid & List. A news page template, chefs listing template, contact template, and more.

It comes with 4 demos, and you can import any of them with just a click.

30. Food Express

30 Best WordPress Themes For Food Blogs (2019) 31

Food Express is a modern-looking free theme available on the WordPress marketplace. It is perfect for food bloggers and small food-based businesses. It comes with a custom homepage that is good looking and can be customized as you want.

It integrates well with the WordPress theme customizer, giving you the option to customize colors as you want to suit your brand without the need to dip your toes on any code.


Now you have a list of 30 themes that are perfect for your food blog. Some of them are free, and most of them are paid that provide you with the perfect features to create a full-fledged food blog.

Now you can choose the perfect one that suits your brand and has the exact features that you want.

Make sure to tell us below which one you end up going with and why.

Did we miss on any great theme? I doubt it, but mention it below if we did. :)

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