10 Best WordPress “Block Editor” Plugins For Bloggers (2019)

10 Best WordPress "Block Editor" Plugins For Bloggers (2019) 1

With the 5.0 update, WordPress has finally changed its 14 years old Classic Editor. They have introduced a new enticing editor named Block Editor (aka Gutenberg Editor).

This editor makes it insanely easy to add different elements or blocks to create beautiful posts or pages.

The block editor contains some default blocks like Paragraph, Image, Gallery, Quote, List, Cover, Video, and more.

The great thing about the block editor is, you can add more blocks to the editor to make it more powerful by using a Block Editor Plugin.

Yes, you read it right. There are a handful number of blocks editor plugins available in the WordPress directory.

Best Block Editor Plugins for Bloggers

To get the most out of the Block Editor, you should consider using one or two block editor plugins. Here are the best block editor plugins that bloggers can use to extend the functionality of the editor.

Let’s start with the first one.

1. Ultimate Blocks

10 Best WordPress "Block Editor" Plugins For Bloggers (2019) 2

Ultimate Blocks is a free Gutenberg Blocks plugin. It’s developed by the team at RoadToBlogging (the blog that you are reading right now). We have specially developed this plugin for bloggers and marketers. I’ve been in blogging since 2012. So I exactly know what bloggers need to make their content better and engaging.

If you are a blogger or an affiliate marketer, this is the only plugin you need to make your content GREAT.

Currently, we have 18 custom blocks and more are coming. Here are the current blocks.

  • Table of Contents
  • Content Filter
  • Review (Schema-Enabled)
  • Tabbed Content
  • Call To Action
  • Testimonial
  • Click to Tweet
  • Progress Bar
  • Content Toggle (Accordion)

  • Star Rating
  • Feature Box
  • Image Slider
  • Notification Box
  • Social Share
  • Countdown
  • Button (Improved)
  • Divider

As you can see, this plugin is full of useful blocks, you can use this plugin to create beautiful blog posts. You can download the plugin for free from the WordPress repository.

2. Stackable

10 Best WordPress "Block Editor" Plugins For Bloggers (2019) 3

Stackable is a WordPress block editor plugin that contains ready-to-use custom blocks. You can create beautiful websites by using feature-rich blocks of Stackable.

It includes a massive 23 blocks and is updated regularly to create more blocks to help you benefit from the blocks editor.

Here are the 23 already released blocks:

  • Container Block
  • Posts Block
  • Notification Block
  • Feature Grid Block
  • Image Box Block
  • Accordion Block
  • Feature Block
  • Icon List Block
  • Card Block
  • Call to Action Block
  • Header Block
  • Count Up Block
  • Team Members Block
  • Video Popup Block
  • Pricing Table Block
  • Testimonial Block
  • Blockquote Block
  • Number Box Block
  • Expand/Show More Block
  • Button Block
  • Separator Block
  • Divider Block
  • Spacer Block

The plugin is a solid all-around option to add to your blocks editor. I am not sure if all these features are important, but it can be perfect for e-commerce sites, and of course normal bloggers.

It is free. There is a premium version that you could get for better customer care, premium functionality and premium design layouts & effects.

3. Atomic Blocks

10 Best WordPress "Block Editor" Plugins For Bloggers (2019) 4

Atomic Blocks is another one of the popular block editor plugin available. It is created to give you more control over your site and easily create the page as you want.

It includes a powerful collection of blocks to help you customize the page as you want, increasing engagement and getting your business the results you want.

One of their powerful blocks is the new section and layout block that once added, helps you choose from a library of pre-designed layouts to quickly build a beautiful site with the new block editor.

Here is a full list of the blocks already available with this plugin:

  • Section & Layout Block
  • Advanced Columns Block
  • Newsletter Block
  • Pricing Block
  • Post Grid Block
  • Container Block
  • Testimonial Block
  • Inline Notice Block

  • Accordion Block
  • Share Icons Block
  • Call-To-Action Block
  • Customizable Button Block
  • Spacer & Divider Block
  • Author Profile Block
  • Drop Cap Block

I like the advanced columns block as well besides the section & layout block. This plug-in is simpler and perfect for bloggers with exactly the type of features they may need.

And it is completely free as well with no paid add-ons.

4. Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg

10 Best WordPress "Block Editor" Plugins For Bloggers (2019) 5

By number, Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg is the most popular Gutenberg blocks plugin. It is created by the team Brainstorm Force, the same team behind the insanely popular Astra theme.

And you can expect nothing less than amazing from their plugins.

It gives you access to a number of creative blocks that help you design your pages or posts and make it look as you want, utilizing the blocks editor without touching a line of code.

It comes with 22 blocks, ranging from their content timeline to their advanced columns and advanced headings blocks:

  • Advanced Heading
  • Advanced Columns
  • Blockquote
  • Call To Action
  • Contact Form 7 Styler
  • Content Timeline
  • Google Map
  • Gravity Forms Styler
  • Icon List
  • Info Box
  • Marketing Button
  • Multi Buttons
  • Post Carousel
  • Post Grid
  • Post Masonry
  • Post Timeline
  • Price List
  • Section
  • Social Share
  • Table Of Contents
  • Team
  • Testimonial

This team is developing blocks on a very fast speed. And the best part is that they have in mind the business blogger who wants to get the conversion part right without ignoring the design element to make a website look good. Definitely worth checking it out.

5. CoBlocks

10 Best WordPress "Block Editor" Plugins For Bloggers (2019) 6

CoBlocks is another great plugin that adds more functionalities to the Gutenberg editor without having its effect on the page speed.

It’s acquired by GoDaddy recently. You can expect this to be a powerful plugin that lives up to the name of the domain provider.

It contains a staggering 23 blocks and they are developing blocks at a very fast pace. It has some blocks that are not available with previous plugins mentioned like the Food & drinks block, GIF block, GitHub Gist block and more.

Here is a full list of the 23 blocks:

  • Accordion Block
  • Alert Block
  • Author Profile Block
  • Buttons Block
  • Carousel Gallery Block
  • Click to Tweet Block
  • Dynamic Separator Block
  • Features Block
  • Food & Drinks Block
  • Form Block
  • Gif Block
  • GitHub Gist Block

  • Hero Block
  • Highlight Block
  • Icon Block
  • Map Block
  • Masonry Gallery Block
  • Media Card Block
  • Pricing Table Block
  • Resizable Row/Columns Blocks
  • Shape Divider Block
  • Social Sharing Block
  • Stacked Gallery Block

More focused on developers in mind. This might not be the perfect one if you are not that geeky, but you may find some of their unique blocks right for you. So make sure to check them before deciding whether to go with this plugin or not.

6. Otter Blocks

10 Best WordPress "Block Editor" Plugins For Bloggers (2019) 7

Otter Blocks is created by the team at ThemeIsle. It is a library of blocks that isn’t heavyweight, and it provides your site with different blocks you need to create beautiful pages.

One of their cool blocks is the section block like the one in the atomic blocks plugin, which enables you to build columns and different layouts as you like in the Gutenberg editor. You get to start right away with the layout that you want.

It is more focused on the user experience, not adding a lot of useless features.

Here are the 12 blocks already included in this plugin:

  • Section Block
  • Advanced Heading Block
  • Button Group
  • Service Block
  • Pricing Block
  • Testimonial Block
  • Google Maps Block
  • About Author Block
  • Post Grid Block
  • Font Awesome Block
  • Sharing Icons Block
  • Plugin Card Block

As I said, it is a simple plugin focused on the user, without adding fluff features and blocks. It is great to use if you want to have the perfect balance of features and a great user interface. That is why it’s perfect for bloggers and business owners.

7. Advanced Gutenberg

10 Best WordPress "Block Editor" Plugins For Bloggers (2019) 8

With over 20 blocks already available, this plugin aims to do exactly as its name: make Gutenberg more advanced, so you can easily customize the page as you want to make it look the way you want it to.

It is perfect for developers. It allows you to add custom CSS styles, defines the Gutenberg editor size, select block activation per user profile, have default block configuration, and much more.

It is full of features that give you complete access to everything to enable you to get the most out of this plugin.

Here are the special blocks included in the Advanced Gutenberg plugin:

  • Latest post slider
  • Latest WooCommerce product slider
  • Advanced Button block
  • Contact form block
  • Advanced List block
  • Map block
  • Advanced Table block
  • Accordion block
  • Tabs block
  • Testimonial block
  • Contact Form block
  • Email Opt-In block
  • Counter block
  • Advanced Image block
  • Advanced Image block
  • Advanced Video block
  • Social links block
  • Activate lightbox effect in Gutenberg image galleries
  • Gutenberg post summary based on content headers

It is great for people who want access to every feature, usually developers and geek blog owners. But if you are a professional blogger and a businessman, it might not be the perfect fit for you.

8. Premium Blocks for Gutenberg

10 Best WordPress "Block Editor" Plugins For Bloggers (2019) 9

Premium Blocks is one of the new players, and it is improving rapidly, providing you with different block options to get the most out of the Gutenberg editor.

The developer made sure to focus on the performance part rather than fill it with useless features, which I really like. You can also disable the ones you won’t use. It is also translation ready, something not mentioned in other plugins.

Here are the 12 blocks already available in this plugin:

  • Gutenberg Banner Block
  • Gutenberg Button Block
  • Gutenberg Counter Block
  • Gutenberg Dual Heading Block
  • Gutenberg Icon Block
  • Gutenberg Maps Block
  • Gutenberg Pricing Table Block
  • Gutenberg Section Block
  • Gutenberg Testimonials Block
  • Gutenberg Accordion Block
  • Gutenberg Icon Box Block
  • Gutenberg Video Box Block

I like the dual heading block where you can split the headline to style them both differently, which wasn’t possible with the normal blog.

And it is a great fit for most bloggers and business owners.

9. Getwid

10 Best WordPress "Block Editor" Plugins For Bloggers (2019) 10

Created by the team at MotoPress, Getwid is on the other spectrum where there are a lot of blocks to choose from.

It has 24 blocks already available with different customization options to make sure that there is no block you would want that you won’t find available. They created this plugin to make it is easier to stick with the Gutenberg editor than go to a page builder.

So, what are the blocks already available that would make it easier not to use the Elementor page builder?

  • Section Block
  • Advanced Heading Block
  • Google Maps Block
  • Icon Block
  • Icon Box Block
  • Image Box Block
  • Social Links Block
  • Banner Block
  • Image Slider Block
  • Media & Text Slider Block
  • Button Group Block
  • Person Block
  • Accordion Block
  • Toggle Block
  • Tabs Block
  • Image Stack Gallery Block
  • Testimonial Block
  • Recent Posts Block
  • Advanced Spacer Block
  • Instagram Block
  • Counter Block
  • Price Box Block
  • Progress Bar Block
  • Circular Progress Bar Block

Many of these can be found already in other plugins, and some are unique. Many of them may be useless to you as they’re not applicable or practical for your business, and that is why I said it is more on the other spectrum where it is packed with more features.

But for many, it may be perfect, especially those who want to have a lot of options to make sure they optimize their post as they want.

10. Qubely

10 Best WordPress "Block Editor" Plugins For Bloggers (2019) 11

Created by the team at Themeum, Qubely is another full-fledged toolkit, as they like to call it, with modern layout packs and sections that can help you create the page or post and make it look beautiful.

It comes with a lot of great blocks that you can add to your posts to add more functionality and make sure that the post appears as you want.

It already has 23 blocks and the developer is constantly developing it. Here are the 23 blocks:

  • Row
  • Button
  • Testimonial
  • Heading
  • Counter
  • Tabs
  • Accordion/Toggle
  • Advanced Text
  • Video Popup
  • Google Map
  • Progress Bar
  • Icon
  • Divider
  • Social Icons
  • Button Group
  • Button
  • Info Box
  • Advanced List
  • Contact Form
  • Icon List
  • Pricing
  • Block Wrapper
  • Team

As you can see, there are some that are new. I like the advanced text block from this plugin, not to mention the video popup which isn’t available on all the other plugins listed here.

It is perfect for people who are obsessed with details and want to make sure the post appears perfectly. It may not be the best fit for bloggers. If you can benefit from most of these blocks, then grab it. If not, pick a simpler one.


Gutenberg is taking the WordPress community by storm, and developers have started working directly since its release to make sure that users can benefit the most from it. After all, they have been dying for an update like that for a long time.

A lot of plugins are created, but these are the top 10 plugins to consider. If we missed any great ones, mention them in the comments. But other than that, make sure to take a look at the ones above and then choose the one that may best suit your business.

And make sure to take a look at the Ultimate Blocks plugin. It is created with bloggers and business owners in mind who are serious about making their content looking good and convert well as well.

Tell us below which one you decided to go with and why. Which plugin is the one that excites you the most?


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  1. Venkat Randa Avatar

    I am also using the Gutenberg editor. It simplified a lot of things compared to classic editor.

    sliding paragraphs up or down. I like this feature a lot.

    hey Istiak, you listed very useful plugins. these will supercharge the block editor.

    Thank you for this post.

    keep coming up with such awesome stuff.

  2. Henry Obilor Avatar

    Ultimate blocks has always been my favourite cause of its features.

    Is it necessary to use others listed together with ultimate blocks?

    1. Istiak Rayhan Avatar
      Istiak Rayhan

      It depends on your usage. If you want to build landing page with Gutenberg Editor, then you can try other plugins as well.

  3. Jumedeen khan Avatar

    I don’t use Gutenberg Editor, but after knowing about the plugins you’ve tell, I’ll definitely use it.

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