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WordPress Ping List 2022 – Best “Update Services” For Quick Index!

Istiak Rayhan
WordPress Ping List 2022 - Best “Update Services” For Quick Index! 1
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We always want our blog posts to get indexed by Search Engines as soon as possible. Typically we have to wait for Search Engine bots to crawl our posts and index them.

But there’s a better way – Using WordPress Update Services (Ping Services).

Ping Services are tools that you can use to notify search engines that your blog has been updated with new posts. Ping is an XML-RPC based push mechanism by which a blog notifies a server that its content has been updated.

In my earlier days of blogging, I used to ping my blog URL manually. But it’s time-consuming. Later I came to know about WordPress Update Services.

WordPress Update Services work automatically. When you publish a new post or modify an old post, WordPress automatically notifies the ping sites.

Here I’ll be sharing an updated WordPress Ping List for 2019. And I’ll also show you how to extend WordPress Ping List.

Updated WordPress Ping List For 2022

Here is a list of working ping sites that will help you to ping more services. This is the same list that I am using here at

Now let’s check the list.

To make this list, I’ve used several sources including this one by

How To Extend WordPress Ping List

By default, WordPress uses only one ping service – Ping-o-Matic. The best thing is, that this single ping service lets many other services know that you’ve updated your site.

But it’s a good idea to extend the services. In fact, it’s one of the important things to do after installing WordPress.

Now let’s see how to extend your ping list.

Go to WordPress Dashboard > Setting and click on ‘Writing’.

WordPress Ping List 2022 - Best “Update Services” For Quick Index! 2
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You will find “Update Services” at the bottom of the page. Just copy the above list and paste it there. Then click on “Save Changes”.

WordPress Ping List 2022 - Best “Update Services” For Quick Index! 3
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That’s it. You are done. Now WordPress will notify all the above ping services when you publish a new post or modify an existing one.

If you happen to be updating your posts a lot, you can consider using WordPress Ping Optimizer plugin. It controls excessive pinging. However, if you don’t update your posts frequently, you don’t need to use this plugin.

Hope this post helped you to update your ping services.

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written by

Istiak Rayhan

Istiak Rayhan is the founder of, a blog that aims to make bloggers’ journey easier. Istiak loves to help newbie bloggers to build a better blog. Here’s more about him.


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  1. This is terrible. Google is pinged 20 times, there is pingomatic and all the lists pingomatic updates by itself already.
    And you are not flagged as a spammer yet??
    Could you please explain why we should ping google and the pingomatic sublists when we already submitted our sitemap.xml please?

  2. Great post, thank you for writing it! One question. Does non-english WordPress users using this or other list. Are those services language-dependent or not?

  3. Its a Huge ping list and I was looking for fast indexing method and you have made it easy for me. I am new to it and was looking for the same. thanks for sharing such a wonderful information.

    1. Hi.
      You need to go to Settings > Reading on your WordPress blog’s dashboard.
      Go to the bottom, you will see a section called update services.
      There, simply copy, paste the list from above.
      Click on Save changes.
      That’s all.

  4. Hello Istiak Rayhan,
    Thanks for the nice list about WordPress ping list. From your post, I am knowing that you used this list in your WordPress dashboard. Is it really true? for faster indexing a WordPress user?

  5. Really working ping list. I found this list in yestreday and i put it into my site.
    now my site crawled by google search engine and all pages and post are updated in search result.
    Thank you for sharing this working ping list.

  6. I’m just using WordPress without knowing these things and indexing new pages manually in Google. Its a relax to know that WordPress is doing it instantly. I’ll edit it with my site.
    Thank you

  7. How to reset wordpress ping address, becouse its not helpful for indexing. plzz help me for boost seo on my web site

  8. I always use normal ping website to get index my WordPress blog but after reading your article about WordPress ping list 2017 I’m so happy…

    Thanks for your time and information you share with us.
    I really appreciate you!

  9. This really a good list. I had no idea about WordPress ping sites. I used normal ping sites to get the quick index for my WordPress sites. But now I know this WordPress updated ping list is more effective to get faster indexing.
    Really important list, Istiak. Thanks for sharing with us. I will use this list on my site.

  10. Hi,

    One question here, in WordPress, when add a new post in the “posts” section then only it will notify these ping services or when we create a new webpage in WordPress in “pages” section with some content – in this case also these ping services will be notified?

  11. Hi Istiak, Thanks for this list. I want to know one thing, If some of the ping sites are outdated or dead and no longer working and I have pasted it to my WordPress writing option, Does it cause any thing? I mean is it good, bad or neutral. Thanks!

  12. wow really cool list,

    how many links that can I add to my WordPress? is there any limit?

    If I edit my post and click update. Will WordPress automatically ping again?

  13. Bro, I updated the ping list you provided. After publishing each post WordPress automatically submit to search engines or I have to manually enter my URL to ping websites?
    which one is better? To Index my New content

  14. Please Don’t go crazy with a massive list of pinging services

    Avoid using long ping list on the internet that contain 100-150 services which simply do not exist anymore. (Most of mentioned ping sites in the above list removed).

    If you have a long ping list, you’re just adding to the noise because they often contain URLs that are either outdated/dead or might go offline soon or late.

  15. Thank you for the reply. I may have to clarify myself a bit.

    Just after initially posting an article, each time I have revised it, not actually updated my blog. It has been to revise the layout of a sentence or paragraph. I am afraid I can do it about 7 or 8 times within an hour of first posting. If it pings each and every time I revise, will it be regarded as taking advantage the system?

    I have to congratulate you on such an excellent blog. It is very clear and easy to understand. I am going to implement many of your lessons. Things have changed massively since I first started blogging. It was very simple back then. So now it is like starting again. Thank goodness for sites like yours.

    1. I’d recommend you to revise your posts properly before publishing the posts. It’s the best practice. However, if you have to update your posts several times within an hour, you can use WordPress Ping Optimizer plugin. It will control the excessive pinging.

      And thanks for your kind words. It means a lot to me.

  16. Hello Istiak
    Firstly thank you for such an excellent blog. I came to it by searching for a ping list.
    I have a question .
    I am constantly revising my posts before I settle on being satisfied with what I have written. I notice at times over 20 revisions. I do write it out first in a document but still change after I have published.
    Does WP ping each and every time I update and publish my posts?
    I feel that this would lead to overdoing the pinging and would not like to get banned by Google. Can I prevent this ?

    1. No, it won’t be a problem as long as you update your posts with new information. It actually helps Google to know about your updated information. I myself update my posts frequently.

  17. Thank You Istiak Rayhan!

    For this ping list. I will add all of them in my WordPress writing section.

    But I have a question. Adding this list helps in traffic increase OR is there any penalty of adding so many links?

    Because I have already added few of them.

    1. Adding this list will help you to get indexed quickly. And there is no penalty of adding so many links.

      1. Sir, I am using a multisite network for WordPress. Yesterday i found that it was removed for such network installation. Now I am using Activate Update Services plugin for this functionality. Thanks for ping list great work you have for new bloggers like me.

  18. Hello Istiak,
    Thank you for the long list of ping services. Very useful. Will add them to my “Update services” section right now. Thanks!

  19. Thanks a lot, Istiak.

    Actually, I have a question, Is there any penalty for Google side if we ping these all ping server at once ???.
    And what if I use Sitemap submission to Google instead of pinging these.

    It will be great if you clarify my doubt.

    Thanks again.

    1. No, it’s not a problem.

      Submitting sitemap and using ping are two different things. Sitemap submission helps you to get indexed by Google and Bing. Pinging helps you to get indexed by other search engines including Google and Bing.

  20. thanks for this ping list for fast indexing, i have updated my wordpress blog ping list with this huge list.

  21. Hello Istiak,
    Thank you for the long list of ping services. Very useful. Will add them to my “Update services” section right now. Thanks!

  22. Hello Istiak,
    This is first time I have visited to your blog. I am amazed to see lots of informative context that suites my taste. So, I bookmarked your blog. Specially thanks for providing this huge list of ping sites. See your new articles soon

  23. Awesome list of ping sites but this is too much!
    Are you Sure it wouldn’t make a negative effect on Search Engine by using this huge list??
    I’m Confused now

  24. Thanks for the Great List of Ping sites. My blog posts are taking too much time to get index. Today when I was checking the ping list I found that only default ping sites are available and other ping site has been lost, may be because of the update. Hoping now my blog post will get index faster as before.

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