WordPress Keyboard Shortcuts You Should Know

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WordPress is the World’s most awesome blogging platform. Almost every bloggers love to use it. Because it is User friendly and SEO friendly. You can edit, publish, update your Post easily with WordPress. In fact it saves our time with awesome features. For example, WordPress Visual Editor Buttons help to add images, media etc easily.

When it comes to saving time we always want to use some shortcuts. Luckily WordPress allows some keyboard shortcuts that can save time. Unfortunately most of the WordPress user aren’t aware about it. It is the most ignored feature.

However I found it very useful. It increases my posting speed. I use shortcuts for Heading, Underline, Bold, Italic etc. I don’t need to use mouse while editing my post. You can also use shortcut for comment moderation.

If you’re a busy blogger and always aware about your time, then I suggest you to use the following shortcuts to become more productive. There are almost 40 shortcuts. You needn’t remember all of them. Just remember those which you’re using frequently.

So here are two types of shortcut keys. One for comment moderation and another for text editor.

WordPress Shortcut keys for Comment Editing :

To enable keyboard shortcuts for WordPress Comment Editing, go to  Administration > Users > Your Profile and Check the Keyboard shortcuts Check box to enable it.

For comment moderation use the these shortcuts

  • Press A to approve the selected comment.
  • Press S to mark as spam comment.
  • Press D to Delete the selected comment
  • Press to restore the trashed comment.

Keyboard Shortcuts for WordPress Rich Text Editor:

You can use many keyboard shortcuts while creating a new post with WordPress Rich text editor. Write faster without using mouse using these WordPress Editor shortcut keys. Use Ctrl +Letter for Windows and Linux and Command + Letter for  Macintosh.

Ctrl+Letter Shortcut Keys:

CTRL + U        – Underlines the selected Text

CTRL + B        –  Bold   (Alt+Shift+B also works)

CTRL + I         – Italic (Alt+Shift+I also works)

CTRL + 1        –  Heading 1

CTRL + 2        –  Heading 2

CTRL + 3        –  Heading 3

CTRL + 4        – Heading 4

CTRL + 5        –  Heading 5

CTRL + 6        –  Heading 6

CTRL + 9        –  Address

CTRL +Z         –  Undo

CTRL +Y        –  Redo

CTRL +A        –   Selects all the text

CTRL +C        –  Copies the Selected text

CTRL +X        –  Cuts the Selected text

CTRL +V       –  Pastes the copied text

Alt + Shift + letter Shortcuts:

Alt+Shift+ N      –  Check Spelling

Alt+Shift+ E      –  Switches to HTML mode

Alt+Shift+ P      –  Insert Page Break tag

Alt+Shift+ M     –  Insert Image

Alt+Shift+ H      –  Help

Text Decoration:

Alt+Shift+ B      –  Makes the selected text Bold

Alt+Shift+ I        –   Makes the selected text Italic

Alt+Shift+ D       –   Strike through outdated links and information.

Alt+Shift+ U      –   Makes an Unordered List

Alt+Shift+ O      –   Makes an Ordered List

Alt+Shift+ Q      –  Blockquote

Text Alignment:

Alt+Shift+ L        –  Align Text Left

Alt+Shift+ C       –  Align Text Center

Alt+Shift+ R       –  Align Text Right

Alt+Shift+ J       –   Justify Text


Alt+Shift+ A       –  Insert or Edit Link

Alt+Shift+ S        –  Unlink or Remove Link

Alt +                        – Wider (Widens the Editor window)

Alt  –                        – Narrower(Shrinks the Editor window)

Alt 0                        – Default Width

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Those are the useful WordPress Keyboard shortcuts. Do let us know if you are using this shortcuts. And if you find this post useful consider sharing it with your friends.

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5 thoughts on “WordPress Keyboard Shortcuts You Should Know”

  1. Thank you SO much for these–don’t know how I’ve gone this long without them! I’m a keyboard shortcut junkie and this made my night!!

  2. Wow! Awesome list of wordpress shortcuts!
    i didn’t knew about it before, it will make my work more easier..

    1. Istiak Rayhan

      Yeah, it will make your work more easier. Unfortunately Most of the WordPress user aren’t aware about the feature.

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