No Self Ping: Get Rid of PingBacks From Your Own Blog

Self pingbacks [This post is part of the WordPress Guide for Beginners – Step by Step Tutorials]

How annoying it is, when you got notifications that you have some comments awaiting for moderation and after opening you realized that they are pingback from your own site? I found this very annoying.

I know it’s a cool feature of WordPress. It’s only cool when you get trackback from other blogs. Otherwise it doesn’t create any sense of having own pingback under posts when we are using WordPress related post plugins.

Self pingbacks

Angry with self pingbacks?

You will face this problem highly if you do interlinking to posts regularly. To get rid of this problem I was using a manual way which was by not putting the full URL of my own blog post links. I mean by putting “/wordpress-cloudflare-cdn” in the URL box instead of  “” . I was happy with this. But the problem was it made my internal links nofollow which is bad for SEO. Even Matt suggested not to use rel=nofollow when linking to any other internal pages.

We can move pingback to trash folder but it’s time consuming. To make it easier I am using a WordPress Plugin named No Self Pings. It stops self pings from own blog. Another exciting thing about this plugin is, you need not to configure any thing to active it. Once you’ve activated it, it will stop your blog from sending trackback from your own site.

You may not find this Plugin from dashboard search as it hasn’t been updated in over 2 years. But you can download it from WordPress plugin directory.

Download No self ping WordPress Plugin

If you’re tired of getting self pingback, then start using this plugin.

Do let us know which plugin or method you use to get rid of self ping back? If you use ‘No Self Ping’, what’s your feedback about the plugin?

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  • Manoj Rawal says:

    Hi Istiak,
    really, it’s impressive and useful information , i can’t heared before about this plugin. thnx for sharing this useful info.

    Manoj Rawal.

    • Istiak Rayhan says:

      Hey Manoj, You didn’t heard about this because many bloggers don’t mention it on ‘Must have WordPress Plugin’. But I think everyone should use it to get rid of annoying ‘Own Pingbacks’.

  • Victor Noah says:

    Nice one here for wordpress users… “Self Pinging”? Interesting. Many bloggers now want to rank higher than their effort.

  • NEERAJ says:

    hi istiak, never heard about it. Thanks for informing

  • johny says:

    I am also getting Ping-backs from my own site post .. What to Do ??

  • Pascal says:

    What if the pingback-list is still there? Or does the plugin just affect new pingbacks?

    • Istiak Rayhan says:

      You have to delete the existing pingback list manually. And yeah, it works for new pingbacks after installation.

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