How to Stop Google+ Email Notifications

Stop Google Plus Email NotificationI like getting notifications from Google Plus when someone adds me in their circle, mention my name in comments, tag me in any photo or share any post with me. But I don’t like notifications when they make my inbox cluttered!

Some bloggers are really enjoying of sharing every post with their circles’ email. Getting 5-6 notification Email from a person in a day is really annoying. Most of the time I uncircle them. But it is not the solution if your profile is public, they will be still able to share posts with you.

If you are one of them who shares everything to their circles email, then you should STOP it. Otherwise you will lose your followers. And Learn: How to Get More Followers on Google+

If you are the victim of these email notifications, keep reading this post and learn how to get rid of these notifications.

How to Stop Getting Email from Google+

You can configure the notification setting from your Google Plus account setting.

At first, login to your Google+ account and click on your picture on upper right and then click on ‘Account’. (Follow screenshot)



Now click on ‘Google+’ from left sidebar. Scroll down to ‘Receive notifications’. You will see a lot check boxes there.

Manage your Email notification from there. Check the box if you want to receive any particular  notification, otherwise just leave the boxes unchecked.

Stop Google Plus Notification

Your setting will be automatically saved. You need not to look for save button. Now you’ll see your notifications only on Google+ tool bar.

That’s it. You are done. Now you won’t get any annoying notification Email from Google+. If you find this post useful, then consider sharing it on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

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