5 Amazing Tech Startups from Bangladesh

With 160 million people and 100 million mobile subscribers, Bangladesh is one of the largest marketplaces in Asia. It’s a land of opportunity for the entrepreneurs. A good number of young entrepreneurs have already started experimenting their ideas.

Recently I’ve watched a documentary on Youtube about these young entrepreneurs. This film is about some interesting Bangladeshi startups. And it’s quite inspiring. Thanks to Startup Dhaka team for this amazing video.

Take a cup of coffee and start watching the full documentary.

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After watching the video, some of the startups really amazed me. So I thought why I wouldn’t write a blog post about these amazing startups.

Amazing Startups from Bangladesh

1. G&R Ad Network

G&R Ad Network is the first online Bangladeshi Advertising network. They have started their journey in late 2009. Within few years, they become an ideal solution for Bangladeshi advertisers to reach their target audience and publishers to monetize their blogs or websites.

Green Red Advertising

For Publishers, you might have known that Adsense doesn’t support Bangla Language. So if you’ve a decent site with Bangla language, then you can monetize it with G&R Ad Network. You can consider it as an Adsense Alternative for Bangladeshi publishers. BTW if your site’s primary language is English but your target audience is Bangladeshi, they you can also use this network.

For Advertisers, G&R can be number one choice to reach target audience in a cost-effective manner. You can easily track your stats and ROI with dashboard. They have already partnered up with big sites like Some Where in Blog, the Daily Naya Diganta etc.

2. Magnito Digital

Magnito Digital is a digital agency that helps brands for Social Media Marketing. It helps brands to go digital. Magnito Digital Team have already served some big companies in Bangladesh like GrameenPhone, City Bank, bKash, CP, sanmar etc.

Magnito Digital

Currently they are offering several services like SEO, Content Creation & Promotion, Social Ads, Mobile Ads, Promo Videos, Web Designing, Email Marketing and many more.

3. Chaldal.Com

When it comes to E-Commerce websites, we always think about some kind of tech or cloth shop. Here is something different from Chaldal.Com. It is the online shop that offers grocery items to their customer. The idea behind this initiative is that shopping for necessities should not be a burden. They believe that time is valuable to Dhaka residents and they should not be wasted their time in traffic jam or for bad weather.


You can get all kind of grocery items like Beverages, Dairy, Frozen Foods etc with zero shipping cost.

4. Dugdugi

If you are a music lover, then you might be aware about  SoundCloud.Com. It is one of the best audio distribution platforms all over the world. But when it comes to listening Bangladeshi Music, it is not the best place to find Bangladeshi songs. However if you are a fan of Bangladeshi music, then Dugdugi.com.bd is for you.

dugdugi music

DugDugi is a platform that  brings together music fans, bands, record labels and major brands. It is the only online legal music distribution portal in Bangladesh. You can listen to music for free. The best thing about DugDugi.Com is that you can support your favorite artist by purchasing their songs or albums. All purchases can be downloaded unlimited times without recurring costs.

5. NewsCred

NewsCred is basically a New York based tech startup that aims to help journalism industry. It helps customers to find and create content for their marketing campaigns. Recently they’ve started their journey in Bangladesh.


NewsCred is the world’s largest content marketplace. They work with some popular brands like Time, Pepsi, Bank of America, AIG, Forbes etc.

Over to You

I know you have a lot of ideas in your head. These ideas are worthless if you cannot get them out of head to experiment them. Your idea may not be as big as above them. But real innovation starts off small. Start experimenting your ideas.

The only thing worse than starting something and failing… is not starting something. – Seth Godin

Do let us know if you know any other amazing startups from Bangladesh. If you find this post inspiring, consider sharing it on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

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  • Rasel Rony says:

    Great list, NewsCred is the most amazing startup ever from Bangladesh. Waiting to see the success of rest startups.

  • Yes @RaselRony I just love NewsCred as they have made the Success. I didn’t see anyone recent to the way of success. But BackPackBang and ChalDal.com and the approach from Storrea.com is doing good. Best of luck for all the quality startups.

    Thanks, Istiak Rayhan for writing awesome contents on Bangladeshi Startups.

    • Istiak Rayhan says:

      I haven’t heard about Storrea.com. It seems an interesting one.

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