A Complete Guide on Starting Google Plus Community

Finally Google + has launched Google Plus Community that can be a great alternative of Facebook Group. It seems to me more appealing then FB group.

The purposes of introducing Google Plus Community are to start conversation to specific hobbies and interest, engage particular groups and organization, meet individuals etc.

Here are some benefits of using G+ Community:

  • Find and connect with people whose relate to your business.
  • Know more about your target audience.
  • Generate traffic to your website.
  • Use Hangouts and Events to build relationship.

How to start a Google Plus Community

Creating a Google+ Community is very easy, it won’t take more than 5 minutes to create a community. Here is the step by step guide to create a Google Plus Community.

Choosing Personal Account or Company Page

Before opening Google Plus Community determine which account you are going to use. If you use personal account then it will show you as a moderator on the group. If you use Company page then it will show Company page and moderator on the group.

Login to your Google + Account

After login to your Google + plus account. You’ll find a New Section named community in left bar. Click on Communities Icon. Then Click on the ‘CREATE A COMMUNITY’ button on the top right.

Creating a G+ Community Page

Select a Public or Private Community

Once you’ve clicked on ‘CREATE A COMMUNITY’, they will ask for the Kind of community you’re are going to making.

Public or Private Community

Public Community: It’s visible to everyone. Anyone can join and see the posts. It’s best for meeting people on Google + who share your interest.
To get rid of spam you can use Moderator approval to join. In this regards anyone can request to join, but it requires moderator approval.

Private Community: It can be listed on search, but people can’t see the post unless they’re members. Anyone can request to join and it requires Moderators approval to join.
It can be hidden from searches. in this regards, Only invited people can join the groups and member can see the post.

If you choose to start a private group, you can’t change it later.

So once you decide whether you want Public or Private community then click on proper Box.

After selecting the type of community, you have to enter a name of your community. You need not to worry of the name as you can change it later.

Tips from G+ for choosing a name: Pick a unique name that clearly communicates the purpose of your community. If you also have a Google+ page, try to avoid choosing the same name as your page so people aren’t confused which is which when searching.

You can set a permission to join. Now just click on ‘Create Community’

Selecting a Community

Complete Settings

Community Settings

1. Tagline: Put a tagline that will be helpful for user to find your community. It’s a better idea to put some important keywords in tagline.

2. Pick a Photo: Like Google+ pages you have the option to set a photo for your community. Pick a photo that represents the purpose of your community. Perfect size of the photo can be 250 x 250 pixels. Always try to pick an attractive picture to get people’s attention.

3. Add Category: Put some potential topics in category which are related to your community. To get some idea about the categories check out the similar communities in Google+.

Here are some examples of category:

  • Introduce Yourself
  • Help Needed
  • Tips and Tricks
  • News
  • Events

4. Write the About Section: About section is the best place for new user to learn about your community. It will be shown on left sidebar. You can also put rules or contact information there.

Tips for about Section:

  • Describe the purpose of your Community.
  • Add contact information of your Business.
  • Add your website’s link

5. Add Location: Write where your business is located. It will show the location on Google maps.

Click on the ‘Save’ button. That’s it. You are done! Don’t forget to invite your friends to join your community.

You can join my community Blogging Plus to share your posts. It is a Community for Bloggers to learn and share everything about blogging.

Do let us know if you have any community. I will surely join with you.

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      Hey Iteire, Agree with you. Google Plus can give us both traffic and SEO.

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    Even though in my opinion people prefer video tutorials you pretty much nailed it with your post. I have not started building any community online just yet, but i better look into getting one rolling! :)
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