Scroll Triggered Box : Alternative of Popup Subscription Form

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Popup Subscription forms can grab more attention and increase your subscribers, but not everyone likes popups. I, myself am not a great fan of popups.

Everytime I visit any blog, start to read any post and a popup interrupts – I find that quite annoying as these forms covers the post area most of the times.

So if you want to grab visitors’ attention to your subscription form but don’t want to use popups, here is a solution for you. How about a slide-out optin form. Sounds cool, huh?

Scroll Triggered Box

You can see a slide-out optin form here on our blog which slides from the bottom of the page. That didn’t disturb you to read the post yet did catch your attention. And I hope you subscribed using that form. If you didn’t subscribe here.

Now let’s see how you can also add a slide-out subscription form in your blog. You can do this with a plugin called Dreamgrow Scroll Triggered Box. Download it from here and install the plugin.

How to Configure Dreamgrow Scroll Triggered Box

After installing the plugin you can find configuration options named “Scroll Triggered Box” under “Settings” section. You can configure them according to your needs.

Scroll Triggered Box Plugin

Scroll Triggered Box Options 

You can select the box theme here. There are four themes available. “Show box to admins only” – if you check this box, the form box will be only visible to you. SO that you can configure it correctly before showing it to the visitors.

You can control the box visibility. You can show it either only on posts, pages, frontpage or all these pages. Cookie Lifetime will hide the box for that specific amount of days once any user closes it.

Set the percentage of total page height, on which visitor will see the box when they scroll to the bottom. Alternatively you can use elements control to show the box.

Box HTML is the most important part of configuration. Here you’ll have to insert your subscription form code. You can also put a message to your visitors explaining why they should subscribe. If you know a bit of HTML, this should be very easy for you to configure.

And at the bottom of the options you can configure social button visibility. You can select from four options here – Inactive,  Button, Button Count and Box. Select the one which you think suits with your form box. Click on “Save Changes” button.

That’s it. You’re done. Now you won’t have to bother visitors using pop-up forms to get subscribed.

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Hope this helps you to increase your subscribers. If you find any difficulties installing or configuring the plugin, let us know through comments. And don’t forget to subscribe to our Updates!

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