Interview with Tamal Anwar About Blogkori Academy

Tamal Anwar is one of the few early bloggers from Bangladesh to write about pro blogging. He writes at about blogging, internet marketing and make money online.

Apart from blogging he provides many services like web design, internet marketing consultancy, wordpress thesis theme customization etc.

Recently he has started an internet business coaching program named BlogKori Academy. Today we will discuss with him about the upcoming Academy.

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  1. Hey Tamal, welcome to RoadToBlogging. Can you please introduce yourself to our readers?

Yes sure thanks Istiak! My name is Tamal, I am from Bangladesh, I am 24 years old and I work online fulltime. I always wanted to do something my own as a result I was never held in a normal 9-5 job. I am always looking into the future, how this will go, how this will cause. I think this is the best quality I have as a human being.

  1. When did you start blogging and what was the inspiration behind it?

I learned how to code and build websites in 2004. Then later I learned that websites can serve the people and can be profitable. After the failure of my first website, I started blogging on late 2007.

I had the blog but I had no idea what a blog is. After 4 more months I started blogging and make money from it. Then I started to share these tips on a new blog. The people started to read the blog and wanted more. Then I started BlogKori. The main inspiration for blogging to me was being able to share what I know. When I saw that it helps people and they appreciate my work, I kept writing more and more.

  1. Recently we heard that you’re going to Launch an internet business coaching, Say something about that.

Yes you heard it right, it is called BlogKori Academy and it is a fully featured online training academy. In easy words you sign up for the course and you can take it online at your own pace. Every material is designed for complete beginners and these are step by step and TO-THE-POINT.

Few years ago Catherine Daar (who is now the Director of CommNation a successful PR firm in Switzerland) wanted me to coach her about wordpress web design. I taught her over skype video and she was very impressed. She then recommended me to create more video tutorials on this topic.

I started to create free videos on YouTube and created over 30 videos. Those were a hit (over 10,000 views per video) and people asked more and more. Soon I was receiving emails and messages from all around the world to teach more. Unfortunately I had other work so the Academy work was pending for quite a few years. Recently I got back that teaching spirit and started BlogKori Academy.

BlogKori Academy

  1. When it is going to launch and who it is for?

I have set this to launch on the first week of January. If things go right you will be able to start your training right from the beginning of the New Year.

Who is it for? The course is aimed for the internet newbie but after working with many business owners on my freelance business I found that almost everyone needs help in this matter. One of my friend was in mail order business his entire life and now in IM for over 15 years. Even he still asks me how to track statistics, what is the difference between posts and pages, how to add comments etc. So that makes sense that one can be a pro in the higher level of this industry but everyone needs the basics. So technically speaking my course is for everyone who is online.

  1. What is the benefit of taking this coaching?

Very good question! And another related question could be: “If all the training and info is free then why should I pay for a course?

There are libraries out there where you can read and learn everything you want. But still students prefer to pay a tuition fee and join a course. This is because when you self learn, you are on your own and you have no idea if you are doing it right or wrong. On the other hand in a course you follow the instructions, attend the classes and ask questions when you have one.

Similarly if you start on self learning on the internet you are on your own. There are just too many information and so many ways to go. Also when you have a question you can leave a comment and may never get an answer.

I have wrote about 400 articles on internet marketing and blogging, yet people still come for help and want to know how to start. When I blog I write about any topic that comes to my mind, so for a newbie out there it’s like a jigsaw puzzle. But with a course you are going ahead step by step and learn everything from the start. The reality is the students need a mentor, a coach.

  1. What exactly students going to learn from you?

Students are going to learn all about websites, blogging, internet marketing, social media and everything above and beyond. My course is a one long course that starts with setting up a website and then updates over time. So to sum this up, a student will learn how to setup websites, make it look professional and learn all the functions within the first few months. Then after that he/she will learn how to blog and bring interested parties using social media. In the final months the student will learn the advance ways to maintain a website, how to bring leads and use these skills to build a business.

In a nutshell a newbie will enter and come out as a pro.

  1. Say something about the affiliate program.

After taking the course the students will naturally talk about it and recommend it to their friends. So as an incentive they are going to get an affiliate commission for each sign up. I see it’s a great way to reward the promoters. We don’t see this kind of offer in a regular institute. Also if you are not a student you can still sign up as an affiliate and promote the courses. For more details about the affiliate program please check out my Academy site.

  1. I hear about a contest tell me more please.

My course is going to be a premium course and I feel that there must be some students who deserve this but can’t afford it right now. For those students, it is going to be more like a Scholarship to BlogKori Academy. So the contest winner will receive a 100% waiver to the course fee. I haven’t written anything about this yet but I will post it on the Academy Facebook page once it is up.

  1. What are your future plans with your blogging career?

My plan is to turn the text posts I wrote in video and also create new and updated materials for the new training site. After the course ends we’ll see!

  1. Thanks for your valuable time.

I enjoyed as much as you did, thank you very much RTB readers, see you on the class!

If you would love to join BlogKori Academy please Sign Up here.

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  • george says:

    Very inspirational but how did the lady find you first?

    • Tamal says:

      She found my website in google search. This is how most of my clients find me.

  • Mushfiqur says:

    Before I started blogging, I constantly used to visit Tamal bhai’s blog and got lots of tips and suggestions on how to start a blog and most importantly, how to earn. The most popular post in his blog which describes how he earned TK 50000/month attracted a lot to start not only blogging, but also freelancing!
    Best of luck Tamal bhai. I am sure you will succeed even more with the new project!.

    • Tamal says:

      Hey thank you very much for the wishes my friend. I hope to deliver some great things for you guys!

  • vinodh says:

    I am a web developer from india.
    just bought the course by tamal .
    Though I know web development I wanted to do it as a business.
    thats why I bought the course.

    • Istiak Rayhan says:

      Hey Vinod, Good to know that. I am sure you will be benefited from the course.

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