10 Tips to Get More Followers on Google Plus

Google Plus

Google Plus may not be the most popular Social Networking Site like Facebook for general people. But it has a great value to the Bloggers, Online Business Owners and Marketers.

Google Plus not only helps you to generate traffic, but also gives you a good rank in search results. For example, if you are following someone on Google plus and do a search for which that they have written an article, their article can be seen higher within the search results for you.  You can get more clicks from search engine.

To get benefits from Google Plus, you need to have a good amount of followers in your circle. Here are 10 tips for you to get more followers on Google Plus.

10 Tips to Get More Google Plus Followers

Complete Your Profile

This is the first step of getting more followers. Put the information about you like Introduction, your education, where you live, your work place etc. Pick a nice picture as your profile picture. And make sure your profile is public. This helps people to find you easily.

Connect G+ with Other Social Networks

Obviously you are using other Social Networking Sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. Just link your G+ Link with that profiles. Moreover you can share your Google+ profile with your friends on other networks.

Follow Others and Your Followers

This is pretty simple. Follow others, they will follow you back. This is very important when you have few followers in your list. But do it wisely. Don’t follow randomly. Try to follow people with similar interests. It also helps you to get more exposure in your niche. And I am sure you’ll get some followers even if you don’t follow them.

Don’t forget to follow your followers to keep you in their circle.

As I said, FOLLOW me, I will follow you :)

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Share Interesting Contents

Do you like boring or irrelevant content? Like you, your followers won’t like boring contents. So share relevant and interesting content with followers which go viral.

Moreover you can share GIF picture in G+ which is very attractive to grab other’s attention.

Comments on Other’s Profile

This is very important if you want to engage with more people in your niche. This also helps you to get some new followers.
So start commenting on other comments, and make share you do it properly.

Add Google+ Badge

Google Plus Badge is similar to Facebook Like Box. It’s a widget that allows you to place ‘Add to circle’, ‘Follow’ and ‘+1’ button in your website. This badge not only helps you to get more followers, but also engage with your reader. Google Plus Badges looks like as below –

Google Plus BadgesIt is very useful one as it requires only one click to follow anyone.

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Get Google Authorship

Getting Google Plus authorship is must for a blogger or online marketer. It confirms that there is a person (not bot) behind any posts or articles. It shows Google+ profile picture in Google Search results with profile URL. It also makes Google Search listing attractive.

Google Authorship

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Join Google Plus Communities

Recently Google+ has launched Google Plus Community. It’s similar to Facebook Group. I found it more useful and appealing then FB groups. G+ Community allows you to share your thoughts, posts and starting hangouts with group members.

I think joining G+ community is a good idea if you want to engage with more people with similar interest. To find and join Google Plus Community, Click on the Communities icon in the left bar of your Google Plus . There you’ll find a list of groups where your friend have joined. You can also search for Groups with your interest.

BTW You can join my community Blogging Plus to share your posts. It is a Community for Bloggers to learn and share everything about blogging.

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Place G+ Profile Link

Place your Google plus profile in different places like in your forum signature, in your authorbox, in your about page etc.
This will surely help you to connect with more people.

Buy Google+ Followers

Update:  Google Plus is integrated with Search Results and it has a good value in Author Rank. So I think one shouldn’t spam G+ Profile. This tip is not recommended.

There are a lot of websites that offer buying or exchanging Google+ follower. But the problem is most of the sites provide fraud or fake user’s follow. You can try Vingler to get some Google+ follower.

Over to You

Hope these tips help you to get more Google Plus followers. Do you have any other idea to get more G+ followers? Do let us know your opinions via comment.

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Istiak Rayhan

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  • Shahzad says:

    It may be beginner tip. But really useful for me because I am just starter on Google+. Just followed you also.

    Will try to do all the 9 tips except the last ;)

    • Istiak Rayhan says:

      Hey Shahzad,
      Hope these tips will work for you. Thanks for adding me, I will add you :)
      And I also don’t recommend last tip, It’s needed only if you have few followers.

  • Thanks for writing this article you explained everything very well, what’s funny is that I was just sitting back saying to myself that it’s time for me to get started networking & connecting on Google Plus a lot more.

    • Istiak Rayhan says:

      Yeah, You are right. This is the time to start using Google Plus as default social network. It has two benefits – SEO and Traffic.

  • Rudraksh Pathak says:

    Nice tips Brother. I’m a Google fan and really love Google+. Its going to be a powerful social network in future.

  • Mukesh Dutta says:

    Hi, I have not been focusing on Google plus as most of my friends and colleagues are in Facebook. But I agree to your point that Google plus is a better for bloggers and marketers. I’ll definitely jump on this great platform and start taking benefits! Thanks for the post!

    • Istiak Rayhan says:

      Yeah, it’s true that you’ll not get your friends on G+ as it’s not popular to the mass people. Thanks for the comment.

  • Mike Norris says:

    Some very good tips. I am just now starting to test the waters on Google+. I can use your tips to help me figure it out.

    Really like getting the Google+ Authorship tip. Thanks A lot and keep up the good work.

  • Matt Hayden says:

    Yes, it definitely works to follow lots of people in your niche. They do tend to follow back at a good rate.

    Also, once you’ve got a bit of momentum happening and have, say, over a hundred people in your circles, you do tend to see people starting to follow you out of the blue. I think this is because Google Plus is going though a rapid growth phase, and people are really keen to sign up and connect with others. So now is definitely a good time to get involved with the site.

    Hash tag use — like on Twitter — also helps your posts get found more easily and thereby brings in more followers.

  • Ileane says:

    Good idea to build a following on Google+ and most of your tips are really solid. However I wouldn’t waste any time on paying for followers – most likely Google with ban anyone they catch doing this. Be careful…..

  • Hussain says:

    Great article bro,I finding these types of content already,and here my search stopped.

    • Istiak Rayhan says:

      Hey Hussain, Thanks for the comment. Hope this tips help you to get more G+ follower.

  • Nizam Khan says:

    Excellent and useful post! Indeed, Google+ has a great value to the bloggers/marketers/businesses. Well, all the ten tips are very important, especially getting Google+ authorship, as people will getting know the person behind, thus building an authority and also it increases CTR on search results. Thanks for sharing and tweeted :)

  • Igor Musardo says:

    Hello, first congratulations for your post!

    Recently I created a version of Google Plus +1 Box, like Facebook Like Box, you can configure and get the code here: http://bit.ly/gplusbox

    See you

    Igor Musardo http://musardos.com.br

    • Istiak Rayhan says:

      Hey Igor,
      I’ve just checked your box. This is really a cool one. Thanks for sharing.

  • Mike Norris says:

    Great article on getting started with Google+. I am still fairly new to it so I am trying to learn more. Very useful information.

  • Rohit Singh says:

    Great way to increase followers on Google Plus. Google Authorship is very important tool for bloggers :) thanks for sharing

  • sadekul says:

    It is very essential and helpful article.Thanks for this post

  • Jaspreet says:

    It it necessary to have picture of human being to show in goggle search results or we can use picture of any other thing? please reply asap.

    • Istiak Rayhan says:

      According to Google Plus, you should use a picture that helps your friends to recognize you. So I think it is necessary to use picture of human being. When it comes to Google Authorship I mean you want to show your picture on Search Result then you should use your real picture. Other Google may consider is as spam.

  • NiclasBlocko says:

    Please add me to your circle, I will do it, too! :-)

    https://plus.google.com/u/0/107585525577863753192/posts (NiclasBlocko’s Minecraft)

    I want to get verified on my YouTube channel, so PLEASE take a few seconds and do me a favor!

    Thanks so much, Niclas! :-)


  • Falguni Mahmud says:

    Nice Post. It is realy good for an blogger. thanks again.

  • Nice Tip . Will follow all of them . Because I need some real followers on Google plus.

  • Adrian Lucernas says:

    Hello Istiak,

    Complete your G+ profile – this is very essential, it can add trust and reputation if you will complete your profile with accurate and real information of course. While number two “Integrate G+ profile with other social networks” is the same. We know that by doing so, your social media friends will be connected and able to see you on Google. Thanks for your valuable articles.

  • Monu Saifi says:

    Best tips to Increase Google+ Followers. These tips gives better results to improve followers.

  • Muh Diab says:

    People following me on Google plus https://plus.google.com/100870572793510551996 and still it shows 2 followers in dashboard while I have more than 10 followers in circles, do you know how to correct this situation ?

    • Istiak Rayhan says:

      Following your page and giving +1 are not the same thing.

  • Minhaz Uddin says:

    Great tips! Really helpful post for get more follower in my google+ business page.Thanks for nice sharing.

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