Must Have Free Thesis 2.0 Boxes

Thesis is one of the best frameworks made for WordPress sites. DIY Themes released the most awaited Thesis 2.0 few months back. Many new features were introduced in this new version. Some of them are – Skins, Boxes, Packages. Among them Box is the most exciting feature as you don’t have to install many plugins. Boxes will do the work for you!

With the help of Thesis 2.0 Boxes, site customization is much easier now. Previously, you need to get your hands on PHP and CSS coding to add new features in your blog. But now with the help of Thesis boxes this process is pretty much easier and time-saving.

Check out the List of All Free and Premium Thesis 2.0 boxes 

Here are some free Thesis boxes I recommend to Thesis 2.0 users.

1. Logo Box

Want to add a logo in your blog’s header? Then Grab this Box now. Logo Box is created by Matthew Horne from DIYwpblog. With this box you can add a clickable logo in your header.

You can change the destination URL when clicked on the logo. The box also comes with options to style the logo. Download Logo Box.

2. Author Info Box

Author Info Box is a simple Box created by Hesham Zebida from FamousBloggers. With this box you can show Author Bio below every post. Additionally, you can also show your Social Media profiles like Facebook, Google+ or Twitter Follow button.

This box adds custom profile fields in user profile. So you can add your information through author profile page. You can place box anywhere using Thesis Skin Visual Editor. Download Author Info Box.

3. Floating Sharebar for Thesis 2

Floating Social Share buttons are very useful as using these people can  easily share your content with others. With this box you can show Floating share bar in your posts or pages.

Raaj Trambadia from ThesisLove created the box. It’s easy to pretty easy to use. You won’t have to go through lots of settings like Digg Digg(which does the same thing). Download Floating Sharebar Box.

4. Page Navigation Box

You can use this box to show Page navigation in your Blog homepage or Archives. You can delete ← Older posts | Newer posts → and use numbered page navigation instead.

This box is Created by WPThesisSkins and they are offering it for free. You’ll face no difficulties using this box. Just place it where you want it to be seen using Thesis Skin Visual Editor. Download Page Navigation Box.

5. Related Posts Box

Showing related posts is a great way to keep visitors in your blog for more time. With this box you can show related box underneath your posts.

This is another amazing box created by Matthew Horne from DIYwpblog. The box comes with a option to control the title length. Download Related Posts Box.

I think Thesis 2 user should try these boxes in order to reduce the number of plugins. Do let us which box seems interesting to you or if you’re using any other boxes. 

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