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How to Find ID of WordPress Posts, Pages, & Categories

Imtiaz Rayhan

Whenever you create new Posts, Pages, Categories, tags or Users WordPress assign a unique ID to these things which identifies that particular item in your WordPress database. Even Comments have their own IDs.

Showing ID
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For some themes and plugins, you’ll need these IDs in order to get them working as they should. Generally, WordPress does not show these IDs in Admin dashboard. So here on this post I will explain how you can find post IDs, Page IDs and others.

How to Find WordPress Posts and Pages ID

Finding IDs of Posts and Pages are quite easy. While at Admin Dashboard, go to All Posts Section and Edit the Post whose ID you are looking for.

When you open the Post Editor, check out your address bar. You can find your post ID here on the address bar. Check the image below.

WordPress Post and Page ID
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WordPress Post ID

You can apply the same method to find out a Page ID. While editing a page, check the address bar like this and you’ll find that ID there.

How to Find WordPress Category and Tag ID 

Finding category and Tag ID is almost similar to finding post ID. Go to Categories from Dashboard and Click on Edit any of your Categories.

While editing the Category, notice the address bar like previous one. The address looks different from the previous one. Check the image below.

WordPress Category and Tag ID
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WordPress Category ID

Though it says “tag_ID=4”, this is actually the category ID. You can find Tag ID the exact same way. When you’ll edit a tag, on the address bar you’ll see ‘taxonomy=post_tag’ instead of ‘taxonomy=category’.

How to Find WordPress User ID

To find a User ID go to All Users from your Admin Dashboard and select the User whose ID you are looking for. Click on Edit.

Now when the User Editor opens check the address bar. It will look something like this –

WordPress User ID
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WordPress User ID

Here is a problem though. if you are looking for your own ID, you won’t get it using this method. To find out your own User ID Follow this – Go to All users. Now at the right side of your screen you’ll see the number of posts you’have written. Click on that number.

On the new tab, check the address bar. The address will be like
Here the number beside author= is your User ID.

How to Find WordPress Comment ID

In order to get a comment ID go to Comments section from your WordPress Admin Dashboard. Select the comment whose ID you be looking for.

Edit the comment. While editing check the address bar of your browser. The comment ID will be shown like this –

WordPress Comment ID
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WordPress Comment ID

Here you can see c=9629. 9629 is the ID of that comment I was editing.

Find Post, Page, Category and other IDs with WordPress Plugin

If you don’t want all these hassles and you want the IDs to be more readily available, there is a WordPress plugin you can use. This plugin is called Reveal IDs. The name says it all. Download the plugin from here and install the plugin.

After installing the plugin, go to your Posts, Pages or Categories list. And you’ll see the IDs like this –

WordPress Post, Page, Category ID
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WordPress Post, Page, Category ID

Using this plugin you can reveal these IDs : posts, pages, categories, links, media, users, comments, link categories, custom taxonomies, custom post types, tags.

Hope this helps you to find post, category, tag, comments and user ID in WordPress. Now you don’t have to worry about using themes or plugins which requires IDs to work properly. Don’t forget to share the post with others if you find this helpful.

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