Why You Should Use AA’s Digg Digg Alternative WordPress Plugin?

Note: We are not using Digg Digg Alternative anymore. Check our list of Best Social Sharing WordPress Plugins

Undoubtedly Digg Digg is one of the mostly used Social Sharing Bar in WordPress. Many Bloggers also suggest to use Digg Digg Plugin. I was also a great fan of this bar. Few days back when I was checking my page speed using GTmetrix, I found an error called “empty src or href” which slowed down page speed. After researching the sources I found that this problem occurred because of Digg Digg Plugin. It may be happened because of confliction with other plugin or theme’s code.

So I was searching for an alternative of Digg Digg plugin. I found the plugin AA’s Digg Digg Alternative. I must say it is better than Digg Digg Plugin. It speeds up page loading time. I recommend every blogger/site owner to try this plugin for once.

Why AA’s Digg Digg Alternative Plugin?

There are few reasons why you should use this plugin. Some of them are given below.

  • This plugin uses less code where there are some unnecessary codes in Digg Digg plugin which aren’t important for the  floating bar.
  • It can increase your page speed. You can check it by using GTmetrix.
  • Its setting page is on one simple page and it is very easy to understand. Digg Digg Plugin’s setting looks complicated to me.
  • As it takes less time to load and it doesn’t have too many codes, Obviously it is more SEO friendly than Digg Digg bar.
  • It offers 8 sharing options – Google Plus, Digg, Twitter, Facebook, Stumble, LinkedIn, Pinterest(Pin It), Reddit.

 How to Set Up the Plugin

It’s very simple. You can download the plugin form here to upload. Or Login to your Dashboard, go to Plugins > Add New and type ‘AA’s Digg Digg Alternative’. Click  on Install Now and activate the plugin

Once you’ve activated the plugin, you will find the plugin’s setting under your Dashboard setting. You can set Bar’s location, color, Social Network Display setting etc from there.

Do let us know if you’ve a plan to use AA’s Digg Digg Alternative? Or currently which floating share bar are you using in your site?

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