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Move WordPress Blog to a New Domain

Few days back, I moved to The whole process was a bit rough, though it didn’t cause much difficulties. Some steps were a bit tricky. While these steps are still on my brain, I thought it would be better to write the whole process for others who are willing to move their WordPress […]

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How To Install WordPress Locally Using XAMPP

[This post is part of the WordPress Guide for Beginners – Step by Step Tutorials] WordPress is by far the most popular Blogging Platform. Still new bloggers or Blogspot users often find WordPress as an Alien Platform because they are not familiar with it. In order to get acquainted with WordPress you can simply begin by […]

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How to Add Poppup Facebook Like Box In WordPress

Facebook is the most popular social network. Almost every internet user has a Facebook account. This makes Facebook the best place to connect with the right audience. If you have a blog/site, there is a chance that you have a Facebook page for your blog/site. And you might have already added Facebook Like box to your […]

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