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10 Best Login/Registration Panel Plugins for WordPress

Istiak Rayhan

WordPress comes with a basic login and registration system. This just gets the job done, and that’s that. You won’t find any admin options to customize or to add more features to the form.

If you are looking for a better alternative, you need to use a plugin. And that’s what I will discuss today. In today’s post, I will introduce you to the best WordPress plugins for managing user registration and login.

So, are you ready to enjoy a better user registration and login system on your website? Read on to find out the best plugins to do that.

Best Login/Register WordPress Plugins1. UserPro – User Profiles with Social Login2. Ultimate Member – User Profile & Membership Plugin3. User Registration4. Modal Login Register Forgotten WordPress Plugin5. Social Login6. Login Ninja7. RegistrationMagic-Custom Registration Forms8. ProfilePress9. WP Custom Register Login10. Login Widget with Shortcode

1. UserPro – User Profiles with Social Login

UserPro is a premium user management plugin that allows you to create and display stylish login and registration forms. You can add or remove fields, re-order the field position, enable tooltips, and choose field icons for your form. The AJAX-powered forms also support custom redirection after registration or login.

The plugin enables you to create multiple registration forms with separate user roles for each form. You can allow the visitors to upload their profile picture and choose the desired role. The plugin also comes with social connect integration so that the visitors can log in by using their existing social media accounts.

The enhanced profile page is another notable feature of the plugin. What’s more, you can create a searchable members’ directory with mini thumbnails. Feel free to set up content restrictions to get more user registrations.

UserPro also allows you to create a social network by enabling the follow, connection, and activity feed features. The plugin syncs correctly with BuddyPress, WooCommerce, MyCred, SVG Avatars, and work perfectly with all the popular email marketing services.

10 Best Login/Registration Panel Plugins for WordPress 1
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  • Allows you to create powerful, fully customizable login and registration forms.
  • Enhance forms with tooltips, collapsible sections, and icons.
  • Lots of social media options including following, activity feed, and social login.
  • checkBeautiful profile page with a searchable members’ directory.
  • checkWorks perfectly with all the necessary plugins and services


2. Ultimate Member – User Profile & Membership Plugin

Ultimate Member is a highly popular plugin for managing user registration and membership options on your WordPress site. It allows you to display login and registration on the frontend so that the visitors won’t have to visit the backend of your site.

You can customize the login and registration forms to add, edit, or delete various fields. It is also possible to add conditional logic to the fields. Thanks to the drag-and-drop interface, building a fully functional form takes only a few minutes.

The plugin also offers lots of additional features to enhance the user profiles. Registered users can check out the profile from the frontend, while you can create and assign custom user roles, and choose to show the author posts and comments on the profile pages.

Ultimate Member also enables you to display a member directory and set up content restriction for various user roles. You will find several premium extensions to add more features to the free plugin.

10 Best Login/Registration Panel Plugins for WordPress 2
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  • Front-end login and registration forms.
  • Fully customizable forms with conditional logic.
  • Enhanced user profile pages with author posts and comments.
  • checkRestricted content and conditional menu support.
  • checkCan be expanded by purchasing paid extensions.


3. User Registration

User Registration is another handy plugin to create and display intuitive registration and login forms on your WordPress site. You can use this plugin to create any type of registration form with advanced fields. As it comes with a drag-and-drop interface, you can easily choose the proper order for the form fields.

When using the User Registration plugin, you can create multi-column styles for the registration form. What’s more, you can get started with any of the ready-made form templates as well. With complete Google ReCAPTCHA support, you won’t have to worry about spammers anymore. 

The plugin comes with custom shortcodes to help you display the login and registration form on any place you want. You can customize the email notifications, enable or disable the strong password, and choose the default role for new users. The lightweight plugin offers some premium addons to enhance the default options.

10 Best Login/Registration Panel Plugins for WordPress 3
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  • Helps you to create simple but beautiful login and registration forms.
  • Comes with a drag-and-drop form editor.
  • Supports multi-column forms, CAPTCHA, and shortcode.
  • checkAllows you to customize the email notifications.
  • checkLots of premium addons to get more features.


4. Modal Login Register Forgotten WordPress Plugin

Here’s a simple WordPress plugin that offers an easy solution to replace the traditional login and registration system on your website. The plugin offers two stylish layouts for the login and registration forms. It is also possible to choose custom colors for the form background, font, link, button, and so on.

Modal Login Register offers several ways to display the forms on your website – you can use the custom widget, shortcode, or the PHP code to insert the form to any location. You can define custom redirections for the login and logout actions. It is also possible to allow the visitors to choose their own passwords.

Thanks to the custom CSS option, you can apply your own code to override the default styles. You will also find separate options to customize the subject and message for the new user registration email.

As the plugin is well-documented, you will find it a lot easier to utilize the available features. Being fully translatable, you can easily translate the plugin into other supported languages.

10 Best Login/Registration Panel Plugins for WordPress 4
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  • Makes it really simple to display the login and registration forms.
  • Ready-made form styles with customization options.
  • Dedicated field for applying custom CSS.
  • checkComes with a custom widget, shortcode, and PHP code to display the form.
  • checkSupports custom redirection after login or log out.


5. Social Login

As you can guess from the name, this plugin enables the visitors to log in to your WordPress site by using their social media profiles. It supports 30+ social networks including the common names like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Yahoo, YouTube, Tumblr, SoundCloud, Reddit, LinkedIn, Dribble, Foursquare, Disqus, Blogger, and so on.

The plugin will automatically integrate itself with the default login and registration system of WordPress. As a result, the existing users can add their social media accounts by editing their profiles. Later, they can use these accounts to log in to your website.

When using the plugin, you will be able to bypass the complicated forms and avoid the spammer and bots. The developers actively monitor the API and login systems of all the supported social media platforms and update the service whenever necessary. That means you won’t have to worry about the security and performance of the user data.

10 Best Login/Registration Panel Plugins for WordPress 5
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  • Allows the visitors to use their existing social media profiles to log in.
  • Supports 30+ social media platforms including all the popular ones.
  • Integrates with the default login and registration system.
  • checkHelps you to reduce the number of spam and bot registrations on your site.
  • checkAllows you to decide where to use the social login feature.


6. Login Ninja

Are you concerned about the security of the login and registration forms on your WordPress site? If yes, Login Ninja can be an excellent solution for you. The plugin will automatically protect your forms by adding CAPTCHA challenges. What’s more, it will ban IP addresses that try to brute-force your website. It is also possible to ban suspicious IP addresses manually.

You can check out a detailed log of all the login attempts on your site. And if necessary, you can enable email notifications for the login events. The plugin also supports custom redirections based on the user roles. That means you can set up different redirection targets for each role. Thanks to the detailed documentation, you can easily get started with the plugin. 


  • Helps you to protect your login and registration forms by adding CAPTCHA.
  • Automatically bans IP addresses involved in brute-force attacks.
  • Provides a detailed log of the login attempts.
  • checkAllows you to get email notifications for logins.
  • checkCustom redirection option for each user role..


7. RegistrationMagic-Custom Registration Forms

RegistrationMagic is a specialized WordPress plugin to help you create and display fully customized registration forms on your website. The plugin allows you to show the registration form on the frontend and accept payment for paid memberships. It records all the necessary data that can be managed from the plugin dashboard.

The plugin allows you to create an unlimited number of forms. You can get started with a ready-made form or use the visual form editor to create a custom one from scratch. Thanks to the integrated shortcode, you can easily display the form in any place you want.

RegistrationMagic also supports social login with all the popular social media platforms. It works correctly with the relevant services like MailChimp, MailPoet, WooCommerce, and several newsletter plugins.

There are several security options including Google reCaptcha support and form submission limits. The premium version of the plugin offers additional security features like IP restriction, email address blocking, blacklisting usernames, etc.


  • Allows you to create advanced registration system with payment integration.
  • Dedicated form styles with the option to create custom form designs.
  • checkLots of security options to protect the registration system.
  • checkSupports social login with all the popular social media networks.
  • checkDetailed analytics with a fully functional user management tool.

    8. ProfilePress

    If you are looking for a simple but powerful WordPress plugin to create frontend login and registration forms, ProfilePress should be one of your top choices. The plugin comes with a form editor that allows you to use HTML and CSS to create fully customized forms. It is also possible to get started by using any of the available form themes.

    Thanks to the handy preview feature, you can check out a live preview as you develop the form. The plugin will take care of the validation, authentication, and authorization aspects, which means you won’t have to worry about any of these.

    You will find dedicated options to redirect the default login, registration, and password reset forms to the custom forms you created with the plugin. It is also possible to set up a custom redirection page after successful login or logouts.

    There is a premium version of the plugin that comes with additional features like AJAX-powered forms, frontend profiles, multi-step forms, social login support, custom user fields, custom widgets, welcome message, CAPTCHA support, and so on.


    • Allows you to create beautiful forms with HTML and CSS.
    • Lots of ready-made themes available for the forms.
    • Live preview option available for the form editor.
    • checkCustom redirection after logging in or out.
    • checkPremium version offers lots of additional options.


    9. WP Custom Register Login

    Do you want to avoid the traditional login and registration system offered by WordPress? Looking for a simple solution that allows you to create custom login and registration forms? If yes, you should take a look at WP Custom Register Login. It offers a custom shortcode that enables you to display the forms anywhere you want.

    You will find dedicated options to customize the form heading and the button text. It is also possible to personalize the email notification templates. As the plugin uses AJAX, the visitors won’t have to refresh the page to submit the login or registration forms. You can choose a custom redirection URL to send the visitors after they log in or log out from your site.

    WP Custom Register Login also comes with email verification support to help you reduce the number of spam registrations. Since the plugin is based on Bootstrap, all of your forms will work perfectly on various screen resolutions.


    • Allows you to create and display fully customized login and registration forms.
    • AJAX-powered forms won’t reload the page upon submission.
    • The option to set up custom redirection after login or log out.
    • checkCustom redirection after logging in or out.
    • checkFully customizable email notification templates.


    10. Login Widget with Shortcode

    Some people might prefer a simple login form that can be displayed in the sidebar, footer, or any other location on the site. If that is the case, Login Widget with Shortcode should be one of your top choices. You can use the dedicated shortcode to display the login form on any place you want.

    The plugin enables you to set up a custom redirection page after a successful login or log out. You will also find separate options to add the remember me, forgot password, register links, and to use CAPTCHA to prevent spam. It is also possible to customize the error messages for incorrect username, email, password, and notification emails.

    As the plugin is compatible with WordPress multisite, you can use this to show the login form on all the sites in your network. You can control the widget style by applying custom CSS. The fully responsive plugin coding will ensure that your forms work perfectly on all screen resolutions.


    • Allows you to display the login and registration form on the sidebar.
    • Lots of admin options to manage the plugin settings.
    • Works perfectly with WordPress multisite installations.
    • checkDedicated option to provide custom CSS.
    • checkPro version offers social login, content locker, IP blocking, etc.



    Using a plugin makes it a lot easier to manage the user registration, login system and to customize the appearance. Now that you have read this post, you know which the best plugins are to do the job.

    If you want my suggestion, I strongly recommend UserPro. This feature-rich plugin offers an all-in-one solution for user management and customization. And if you want a free option, User Registration will be the best choice for you.

    So, which plugin will you use to manage the login and registration system on your WordPress site? Let me know in the comments below.

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    Istiak Rayhan

    Istiak Rayhan is the founder of, a blog that aims to make bloggers’ journey easier. Istiak loves to help newbie bloggers to build a better blog. Here’s more about him.


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    1. Thanks for sharing this helpful information about login/registration plugins for WordPress. The plugins you describe in your article are really easy to use and save a lot of time. I have also tried UserPro, Ultimate Member Social Login, Login Ninja and these are really amazing.

    2. Really these are best wordpress plugins . I have used few of these plugins and got satisfied much . I believe one also will be satisfied with these tonic plugins

    3. Hi,

      I have a dealers page on my website and would only like this specific page (dealers) to have a login page. So ONLY dealers and see the page. Does a plugin for this exist?

      Hope you understand my question.
      Thank you for your help,

      1. @Priscilla – Are you looking for a plugin that can put a login prompt up on a specific page that can’t be closed until they log in?

        If so look at Popup Maker and the AJAX Login Modals extension. Popup Maker offers page level targeting and can be customized to match any site quickly. The extension allows forcing login on any targeted pages.

        One issue I see is that none of these will allow you to set up for the dealer user role, assuming that you have users that are not dealers. In which case you would maybe use something that hides the page content if you are not a member of a specific user role. There are many plugins out there that can do this.

        Hope that helps.

    4. Would like to suggest Popup Maker (free) with the AJAX Login Modals extension ( With Popup Maker you can completely customize the style, position, size and every aspect of your popups in minutes with no code required.

      Add in AJAX Login Modals extension and you can create responsive Login, Registration and Recovery Modals in no time. Additionally you can use it’s Force Login option to block users from accessing pages without logging in, make it your own with customizable templates, and in the latest version integrate it automagically with WP Members or Profile Builder plugins to create custom registration forms that will still work with AJAX submit out of the box.

      Email me for any questions or an affiliate account for links.

    5. Hi Istiak, how many of these plugins have registration form along with login? And also how many of these are responsive?

    6. Great post, especially for a novice like me. I am also looking for one and struggling with the selection
      To make selection little bit easy, can we indicate the presence/absence of following features to the plugins?

      1. Login
      2. Logout
      3. Registration
      4. Forget username/password
      5. Access control
      6. Integration of Social Sites
      7. etc.

        1. hi istiak

          i’m looking for wp-plugin but not only redirect the registered user to a specific page or URL but also limited to the pages that can be viewed, is there any sir ?? ty

    7. Hello Istiak,
      The wordpress plugins you provided in this post are really awesome. I was unaware from all this valuable login plugins. Really helpful post for newbies.

    8. hi istiak,your article is really awesome and provide a great help to me and many other visitors as the plugins solve the various problems instantly.thanks for sharing such a valuable post.thanks

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