Increase Subscribers: Add Sticky ViperBar Email Form in Header

People visits our site to read the posts. They read the posts and if they find it useful they go for Newsletter subscription. That means they only subscribe after reading the posts. Most of the time visitors don’t find any subscription form at the end of the post. It happens because we put our email form at sidebar or header. But the problem is when they are at the bottom of the post, sidebar or header was out of their screen. And often we miss email subscriber.

To increase my subscribers Previously I’ve added Email Subscription Form below Blog posts. It works GREAT for me. Later I feel that sometimes readers scroll down to read the comments and they miss the subscription form. So I start using a sticky email subscription bar on header that stays on the top even if the users scroll down.

To do that I am using a WordPress Plugin called ViperBar. So what is ViperBar?

ViperBar adds an attractive bar in your blog header which grabs the readers’ attention and helps you to increase your blog or newsletter subscribers. It’s compatible with FeedBurner, Aweber and MailChimp. Glen Allsopp from Viperchill has launched this plugin.

ViperBar on Header
This is how it looks on my Header

Before we discuss how to use it, here are some benefits of using this bar.

  • It’s not an annoying pop-up.
  • It can easily grab the readers attention.
  • It’s very easy to use.
  • You can see stats to understand whether it works for you or not.

How to Install and Customize Viperbar

ViperBar is a free WordPress Plugin which is available on WordPress directory. You can download this bar from here. Once you’ve activated this plugin, you will find the Plugin’s options under ‘Setting’ of your Dashboard.

General :

At first you will see General Customization. An ideal setting is given bellow.

Viperbar General setting

Content : 

Here you can put the text which will appear on your bar. I would suggest you to put text only on “Text Before the Form”.

Then you’ll find the “Opt-in Form Settings” to integrate Feedburner, Aweber or Mailchimp.

If you’re using FeedBurner, just put your Feed name on the box. For example My FeedBurner URL is and for me ‘roadtoblogging’ is the Feed name.

For Aweber user, put your Aweber List ID.

For Mail Chimp user, put your API key and Unique List ID. To get API key, go to your MailChimp Dashboard and on the right top you will get ‘Account’ option. Select “API Keys & info” from that.To get the Unique List ID, Go to your list settings. It’s at the bottom.

Appearance :

Here you can design your ViperBar and Submit button which fit your website design.

ViperBar Color Scheme

So choose the colors wisely that fits best to your site design.


There is nothing to change here. It provides you some stats information like

Impression – How many people saw your Bar?

Submissions – how many clicked on Submit?

Conversion Rate – Percentage of conversion.


Once you’ve configured your settings you can see the Preview of the plugin before it goes live.

That’s it. I highly suggest you to implement this bar in your header. You will get more subscriber, Trust me. Try it out.

Bonus Tip: If you have subscription form on your sidebar you can make it sticky by using Q2W3 Fixed Widget WordPress plugin.

Do let us know if you’ve implemented this bar on your site. Or any others plugin that can help us to increase subscriber.

  • Akos Fintor says:

    Hey Istiak,

    That’s sound pretty cool, unfortunately I have already 2 opt in forms on my blog right under the header. I think If I put in one more my reader would hate me :) .

    Handy plugin!

    • Istiak Rayhan says:

      You are right. So many opt in forms may annoy the readers. All you can do is make your sidebar opt in form sticky which I’ve mentioned in ‘Bonus Tips’ on this post. It’s important cause when readers go to the bottom of the post they no longer see our sidebar. Thanks for your comment.

  • That’s a cool one Rayhan. Worths a try. Another alternative I love is popup domination which can also be used in several locations. But as a free plugin viperbar rocks!

    • Istiak Rayhan says:

      I’ve no idea about Pop up domination. All I can say is ‘ViperBar’ really rocks.

    • Shahzad says:

      Taswir… Popup domination is painfully costly.
      Thanks Istiak for letting us know about the viperbar. Will try it once I start email newsletter subscription on my blog.

      • Istiak Rayhan says:

        Popup domination is costly and i hate pop up forms. Good to know that you’re going to implement this on your blog.

  • Victor Noah says:

    That sound pretty nice! But unfortunately i’m using “Blogger Platform”. Anyway, keep the post coming, but am missing this awesome “wordpress plugin”…

    • Istiak Rayhan says:

      That’s the beauty of WordPress platform. We do everything with Plugin :). Anyway Blogger is also a nice Platform.

  • zelv says:

    my viperbar button is always gray no matter what colour I choose… :/ any advice? thanks in advance

    • zelv says:

      do you have your WP updated? I don’t know why my button become always gray, ’cause it was working fine

      • Istiak Rayhan says:

        Yeah, I am using latest version.

  • I will implement ViperBar to my blogs.
    Instate of pop up domination, i more like sticky bar like this.
    Some time I felt annoying if drop to website that had pop up.

    • Istiak Rayhan says:

      If your readers don’t like Pop up opt-in then ViperBar could be good one.

  • Rahul Pahal says:

    hey Rayhan, thank you for this post. I was literally looking for a nice subscription bar. even I have implemented your advice after reading this post.

    • Istiak Rayhan says:

      That’s great Rahul.
      Hope this helps you to increase Subscribers.

  • I have been using ViperBar for several months and love it. I’m a designer and I like how clean and modern it is. Also, I am able to customize it to match my brand, and even change the color and text for the holidays (right now it’s pink and red for Valentine’s Day).

    You can see how I’ve used it here:

    • Istiak Rayhan says:

      Checked it. Looks good.