Add Facebook Recommendation Bar to WordPress

Update: Facebook announced that Recommendation bar will no longer render on any site after November 5th, 2014. If you are using this, it is recommended to remove it from your site. Here is a list of 5 Best Related Posts Plugins for WordPress

Facebook Recommendation bar is not something new, it is a  sliding bar showing related post to the readers. It will help your reader to get related posts. We use many related post plugin to increase pageviews and to keep new visitors longer in our site. But those plugin may take time to load. This bar takes less time and it looks good in website. Many popular site like use this bar. I recommend every blogger to use this to increase page views.

Facebook Recommendation Bar

Facebook Recommendation Bar

There are many recommendation bar plugins are available in WordPress. Today i will discuss about Facebook recommendation bar.

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Follow the simple steps to add Facebook recommendation bar.

Step 1: Creating a Facebook Application

To create a FB application visit Facebook App page and click on Create New App.

Facebook Recommendation Bar

In the pop up box type your App Name and App Name Space,then click Continue.

Facebook Recommendation Bar

Then type the CAPTCHA code and click Submit.

Now you will redirect to a new page which will require Contact Email, App Domain, Site URL and Mobile Web URL. Your URL must be start with http:// and end with / . For more help check the following picture. Do not click remaining option and click Save Changes.

facebook recommendation 3

Copy App ID , App secret  and App Namespace. Because it will need later.

facebook apps 4

Step 2: Installing the Facebook Plugin for WordPress

Now to time to install Facebook Plugin . Follow the simple step to install.

1. Login your WordPress, Click on Plugin > Add New .

2. In search box type Facebook and click on Search Plugins.

3. Click Install Now and active the plugin.

facebook wp plugin

Step 3 : Setting Up Facebook App on WordPress

In your WordPress admin dashboard you will see Facebook button on left sidebar. Click on it. Enter your App ID, App secret & App namespace and click on Save Changes.

facebook apps setting

Once saved you will redirect to the plugin options. Check on Recommendation Bar to active it. Set options details, Options are :

1. Trigger – the percentage of the post read by reader, before the bar will appear. You may set it 30% to increase pageviews.

2. Read Time – The Bar will appear after how many seconds .

3. Action – You may choose a like or recommended button.

4. Side – Set whether you wish to float the bar left or right.

facebook apps 6

5. Click on Save Changes and you are done.

The Facebook recommendation bar has a simple interface and it takes less time to load. It will recommend only two articles at a time. Like button helps you to increase the likes in your post.

Let us know your opinion about the Facebook Recommendation bar and did it help keep readers longer on your site.

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