Create a Sticky Sidebar Widget That Scrolls With You!

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People visit your site to read the posts, Not to see the widgets. Most of the time they open the post, scroll & read the content and left. Besides, when they are at the bottom of the post your sidebar was out of their screen. And you don’t get any benefit from it. I know you put many widgets there!

One of the best way to get benefit from your widgets is make one of your widget STICKY that scroll with user.

For example you want more subscribers then just make your Subscription Form sticky.

Now you can make a Sticky Widget by using Q2W3 Fixed Widget WordPress plugin. Before we move to the plugin configuration here are some benefits of Using this Plugin

  • You an stick Google Ads to increase CTR
  • You can stick your Subscription form to get more subscriber.
  • You can stick Facebook/Google Plus Widget for more Like.
  • You can stick Popular post to decrease bounce rate.
  • You can stick any offers to generate Revenue.

Or whatever you want. Even you can make 2 widget sticky.

To Setup the plugin Follow the Simple Steps

1. Go to Dashboard and click on Plugins > Add new.

2. Type ‘Q2W3 Fixed Widget’ in search bar and Click on Search Plugins. ( You can download it from here)

3. Very first result will be this Plugin.

4. Click on Install Now and Active your Plugin.

5. Once you’ve active this plugin, Go to Appearance -> Widgets, enable “Fixed Widget” option on any active widget.

Fixed Widget Options

Margin Top: This property defines the vertical distance from the top border edge of an element to the edge of its containing block

Margin Bottom: This property defines the vertical distance from the bottom border edge of the element concerned to the edge of its containing block.

Optimize margin bottom properly to prevent widget overlapping with the footer.

6. Now time to make your Widget Sticky. Just select the Widget which you want make sticky and you’ll find enable “Fixed widget” option.

Sticky Widgets

Once you’ve enable the ‘Fixed Widget’ option your Widget will be Sticky. Now visitors will see your sticky widget when they scroll. Hope this plugin will help you get benefit from your sidebar.

Update : The last version (2.1) has new option for disabling plugin on mobile devices.

Here are two nice widgets for your Sidebar:

So do you think it’s a good idea to make widget sticky? Do you use any other plugin to make widget sticky?

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  1. Raaj Trambadia says

    Helpful. Thank you Istiak. Have started using the plugin on MyBlogIsMyMoney.Com – lets see if it works out well? :)

    BTW, take part in our giveaway!

    • Istiak Rayhan says

      Let me know it works or not.

  2. says

    That’s a cool tips Rayhan! I was thinking for couple of weeks to do this but couldn’t find a plugin for that. I am gonna surely apply it soon. Using it with adsense seems more appealing. However is it compatible with Adsense policy to stick ads?

    • Istiak Rayhan says

      Glad to know that you find this post useful. On the Adsense issue,I think it won’t be a problem. I noticed that sticks Adsense ads in their sidebar.

  3. says

    This is a great plugin. I also use this plugin for my blog.

  4. says

    Hi Istiak,

    This looks like a great plugin that will benefit everyone that uses it.

    You make a good point that as our readers get to the end of our posts they no longer see our sidebars so this is really going to help.

    Thanks for the detailed explanation of how to set it up :)

    Have a great week my friend,

  5. Amol @ ConnectAmol says

    That’s really a great tips Istiak, Thanks for sharing. I think I should apply this on my blog. let’s how it will be helpful to me.

  6. Khaja moin says

    Never heard about this plugin, thanks Istiak for sharing.

    Will definitely try out.

  7. says

    Thanks Istiyak.

    This method absolutely useful for monetizing blog. And glad you share it here

  8. rakesh kumar says

    That’s a great widget. Thanks for sharing with us.

  9. says

    I tried this plugin, and it works great. Unfortunately if it use it on my left sidebar then it rolls down over my content on mobile devices :(

    Anybody know how to fix?

    • Istiak Rayhan says

      Hey Randy, Sorry to hear that this plugin messed over your content on mobile devices. I think it’s a better idea to submit your problem to the developer’s support page of this plugin. Here is the support page:
      Hope they will solve your problem.

    • says

      I am the developer of the Sticky Widget plugin. Found this post in Google )

      One thing to note. The last version (2.1) has new option for disabling plugin on mobile devices. You may try it again )

      • Istiak Rayhan says

        Hey Max,
        Thanks for the update. I have added the information in the post.

  10. says

    Hey thanks for this article it was very help full , i got my Sticky Sidebar jejeje

    • Istiak Rayhan says

      Blogger doesn’t have the option to use plugin. But you can do it via coding.

  11. says

    Hello bro, I have tried this plugin but it is not working on my blog. I have latest wordpress and I think it’s compatible with it. But even after selecting a widget to get fixed, it is not displaying that widget after scrolling.

  12. Thanh Tuan says

    it is not working on my blog

    • Istiak Rayhan says

      Did you try this with different widget? Sometimes it doesn’t work with some widgets.

  13. says

    Thats awesome, very useful to show ads or some banners.

    I’m going to use this and put a text a text: Wherever you scroll I’m with you 😛

  14. says

    ok it works but the problem is that the widget which has been fixed start scrolling as i move down from it i want that the widget which has been fixed should start scrolling when all the other widget have been over.
    to overcome this i have to keep the fixed widget in the end.

    • Istiak Rayhan says

      Hey Janmejai, You got it. You have to fix last widget of your sidebar to stop overlapping.

  15. Sai sandeep says

    Hey Rayhan that was an useful post. I had seen some sticky widgets in some blogs, But using this make any conflicts ?

    • Istiak Rayhan says

      No, it won’t make any conflict. It is always better to make last widget sticky on your sidebar.

  16. says

    This quite a helpful plugin, but i think we can get the same effect only with CSS.

  17. says

    It is confirmed that if you use adsense code and fix its position to draw unnatural attension can lead us to trouble. I read it from adsense product forum. Can you confirm me please if it is safe or not?

    • Istiak Rayhan says

      Yeah, it’s safe. Actually I noticed that sticks Adsense on its sidebar.

  18. says


    Thank you for this plugin. But I was looking for a way to do this without a plugin.

    Thank you

    • Istiak Rayhan says

      Actually I am not a coding pro. I won’t be able to help you on that.

  19. says

    Very well written Istiak vai. Everyday I learn a lot from your site. You write really good. I was looking for this tricks. I will apply now in my site. again Thanks a lot.

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