How to Install WordPress on HostGator Using QuickInstall

[This post is part of the WordPress Guide for Beginners – Step by Step Tutorials]

Using QuickInstall is the easiest way to create a WordPress Blog. It will require only 2 minutes to start a blog. Even if you are a noob you can do it easily.

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Once you’ve bought your Hosting, your site won’t show anything except something like “Index of”. That means your site needs a platform to get started. WordPress is one of the best platform for blogger/site owner. Let’s check how to install WordPress on your site.

How to Install WordPress On HostGator Using QuickInstall

There are 3 ways to install WordPress on HostGator cPanel which are given below.

In this post I will show you how to install WordPress using QuickInstall. Here we go.

1. At first login to your cPanel. Most of the time it is If this link doesn’t work for you, go to email address and find out the Email sent by HostGator after you signed up. You will find your cPanel link, Username and Password there.

Once you’ve logged in, Scroll down and click on QuickInstall under ‘Software/Services’.

HostGator WordPress QuickInstall

Click on ‘QuickInstall’

2. Then you will be landed on a new page. just click on WordPress under ‘Blog Software’. You will see short description of  WordPress newest version.

Click Continue to start Installation.

Select WordPress and Click ‘Continue’

3. Then it will show a ‘Install WordPress’ Form.

Check The Following Instructions

Check The Following Instructions

  1. http:// Select the desired domain name. If it is your first blog then you will have only one option.
  2. Admin Email: Put your Email there. If you forget your Username or Password, you can get it via these Email.
  3. Blog Title: The name of your blog. You can change it later.
  4. Admin User: It will be the Username of your WordPress Dashboard.
  5. First Name: It will be added to Admin Profile. You can change it anytime after install.
  6. Last Name: This is also the part of Admin Profile name. You can change it later.

Then Click on Install Now! button.

4. That’s it. Your Installation is ready. They will show you the Admin Area, Username and Password.


5. Go to Admin area, put your username and Password and click on ‘Log in’.

Your WordPress Dashboard will be like this.

Now You have a new WordPress Blog!


If you have any query about installing WordPress on HostGator cPanel, let me know via comment. Consider sharing this post with your friends.


  1. Sarah Harper says

    Hi Istiak,

    Thanks for the step by step guide on easy install of WordPress. Your posts are a big help for newbies.

  2. Sarvesh Darak says

    Excellent post!

    To be honest i didn’t know about quick install and we can use it to install wordpress.. seems interesting.

    Thanks for the informative post, i would try this methods soon.

  3. says

    I am also using the WP and hostgator duo with baby plan. It’s easily done by me, but I though it is much harder to set up. Thank you.

  4. Michael says

    Thanks a lot, finally found a tutorial which I can follow easily thank to the images.

  5. Mike says

    Hmm, I followed these steps but the website is not appearing, do I have to wait a bit longer?

    • Istiak Rayhan says

      It should work immediately.

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