How to Change Admin Username in WordPress

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If you haven’t set up an Admin Username while Installing WordPress, then username of your WordPress Login would be ‘admin’ by default. That means you can access your WordPress Dashboard with the username ‘admin’.

But the problem is Most of the hackers know that ‘admin’ is the default WordPress admin username. Whenever he tries to gain the access of your blog, first thing he will do is to crack the password with username ‘admin’.

Most of the time hackers use some automated tools to access your site by using ‘admin’ username with some passwords combinations. This is called Brute Force Attacks.

Recently we got this attack where someone tried to login our site with different usernames like “admin”, “administrator”, “roadtoblogging” etc. But we were lucky that we didn’t use these kinds of username.

So if you are using ‘admin’ or something that easy to guess as your WordPress Username, I highly recommend you to change your username ASAP. And Don’t forget to use a strong password.

How to Change Admin Username

WordPress doesn’t have any option that lets you to change your Admin Username from WordPress Dashboard. All you can do is to add a new user and set it as an administrator. After that, log in with your new username and delete the old admin username. Isn’t it easy?

Yeah,it is. Let’s do it…

Before doing this, I would recommend you to take a backup of your WordPress Blog.

1. At first, Login to your WordPress Dashboard. From left menu, click on ‘Add New’ under ‘Users’.

Add User in WordPress

2. On the next page, fill all the information correctly. Make sure that your new username is hard to guess, something like yourname12w45. And put a strong password.

Select ‘Administrator‘ from Role. And click on ‘Add New User’ button.

New Admin Username


3. Your new account has been created.

Now log out from WordPress Dashboard and login with your new account.

Go to ‘All Users’ from Users. (Left Menu)

Hover over the old Admin Username and click on ‘Delete’.

Delete Admin Username

4. This is the CRUCIAL Part. Be Careful!

Select your new admin username from the ‘Attribute all posts to’ and click on Confirm Deletion.

Confirm Deletion

That’s it. You are Done. Your old account has been deleted.

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