15 Best Login/Registration Panel Plugins for WordPress

If you are running a multi author WordPress blog, chances that you allow new members to register on your blog. On that case, you need to send them to Registration & Login pages and certainly those are the areas where you want to impress them.

But the problem is, default WordPress Registration/Login panel is not impressive and it’s not the best and easy way. The good news is, you can make it easier and attractive by using some plugins.

Whether you want to create a custom registration page or want to offer quick registration, there are some useful plugins to help you out.

Here is a list of 15 Best WordPress Plugin for Login/Registration panel.

1. Modal Login Register Forgotten WordPress Plugin

Modal Login is an attractive and well design premium plugin. If you use this plugin, your visitors needn’t to go to a new page to login or regiter. You can easily add a login/logout link to your site using widget or shortcode. Once someone clicked on that link, a login panel will be poped up. You can also set a redirect URL after login.

Modal Login Register Forgotten WordPress Plugin

Download the Plugin

2. Tabbed Login Widget

Tabbed Login Widget is sidebar widget that allows you to add a login form in your sidebar. It has 3 tabs – Login, Register and Forgot Password tabs.

Tabbed Login Widget

Download the Plugin

3.  WP Sliding Login/Dashboard Panel

This plugin adds a sliding login/dashboard panel to your wordpress theme. You can also specify your own HTML content to put in the panel.

WP Sliding Login Dashboard Panel

Download the Plugin

4. Social Login

Social Login lets your visitors to login and register your site with their social networks accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, Paypal, LinkedIn, Instagram, VKontakete etc. You can add Social Login Plugin on login/registration page or sidebar.

social login

Download the Plugin

5. Admin Bar Login

This plugin shows admin bar to the users who aren’t logged in, so they can login. If you are running a WordPress blog where most of the users need to login, you can use this plugin.

admin bar login

Download the Plugin

6. WordPress Custom Login Theme Page

If you want to create a dynamic login page, then this amazing plugin is for you. It lets you to customize the default WordPress login page. You can change background of the login page, default WordPress logo, color of the login form etc. The amazing about the plugin is, you can store multiple templates for special occasions.

WordPress Custom Login Theme Page

Download the Plugin

7. Login Ninja

Login Ninja can protect your site from malicious IPs, brute-force attacks and bots registering. If you face any of these issues on your blog, I would suggest you to use this plugin. It’s very helpful.

login ninja

Download the Plugin

8. Sidebar Login Widget

Sidebar Login Widget is simple widget that adds a login form with “Register” and “Forgot password link” in your sidebar. It displays the avatar, member’s role, number of the posts by the user when logged in.

Sidebar Login Widget

Download the Plugin

9.  SuperSlider-Login

SuperSlider Login adds an stylish slide-in login-register-dashboard panel to your WordPress site. You can use it at the right top or header on your site. 


Download the Plugin

10. Social Auth WordPress Plugin

This plugin lets your users to sign-in on your site with their Social Networks like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google, Yahoo etc. It’s very easy to do and no need to register.

Social Auth WordPress Plugin

Download the Plugin

11. UserPro – User Profiles with Social Login

UserPro is a social login WordPress plugin for community site. It provides front-end profiles, login and registration for WordPress. It allows you to create a searchable directory of your members.

userpro wordpress plugin

Download the Plugin

12. Login Widget With Shortcode

This is simple login from widget that can be placed anywhere by using shortcodes. You can also choose redirect page after login or logout.

Login Widget With Shortcode

Download the Plugin

13. Pie Register

Pie Register allows you to create custom registration forms, custom login pages, custom profile page, Invitation codes, Paypal, Email verification, user moderation & more.

Pie Register

Download the Plugin

14. Custom Login

This plugin lets you to customize your login screen. You can use it for your client sites.

Custom Login

Download the Plugin

15. Ajax Login/Registration Bar WordPress

This plugin lets your users login and register to your website in simpler, modern, secure and effective way.

Ajax Login Registration Bar WordPress

Download the Plugin

So those are some awesome plugins for login/registration panel.

Do let us know which plugin you are going to use for your WordPress blog. If you find this post useful, consider sharing it on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.


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    Hi Istiak,
    Thanks for sharing the great collection of Login/Registration plugins for WordPress. All plugins are really awesome and easy to use.

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    hi istiak,your article is really awesome and provide a great help to me and many other visitors as the plugins solve the various problems instantly.thanks for sharing such a valuable post.thanks

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    Hello Istiak,
    The wordpress plugins you provided in this post are really awesome. I was unaware from all this valuable login plugins. Really helpful post for newbies.

    • Istiak Rayhan says

      Glad you find it helpful.

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    I would like to thank. It is really good post. I read all the 15 plugins and it is so good,
    Thanks for binding here.

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    Thanks for this awesome post! I like that userpro Pugin it’s cool.

    • Istiak Rayhan says

      Actually all of them are cool. Thanks for reading.

      • mario D. says

        hi istiak

        i’m looking for wp-plugin but not only redirect the registered user to a specific page or URL but also limited to the pages that can be viewed, is there any sir ?? ty

        • Istiak Rayhan says

          Actually I don’t understand your question.

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    Ha Ha Ha! This is first plugin suggestion which has nothing to do with technicalities. feeling relaxed, Thank You

  7. Mustaq says

    Great post, especially for a novice like me. I am also looking for one and struggling with the selection
    To make selection little bit easy, can we indicate the presence/absence of following features to the plugins?

    1. Login
    2. Logout
    3. Registration
    4. Forget username/password
    5. Access control
    6. Integration of Social Sites
    7. etc.

    • Istiak Rayhan says

      For this you can use 4 or 11 number plugin.

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