7 Best Login/Registration Panel Plugins for WordPress

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If you are running a multi author WordPress blog, then there is a good chance that you allow new member to register your site. On that case, you can send your visitors to a new page to register and login to their account. But the problem is, Default WordPress login/registration panel doesn’t look good and certainly it’s not the easy and best way.

For this, I would like to suggest you to use login/register panel plugins. There are several such plugins that will help you to add an attractive login/register panel to your WordPress blog. Your visitors needn’t to go to a new page to login/register. Moreover, these plugin won’t make any delay in site loading time.

Here is list of some awesome plugins for you.

Top 7 Login/Registration Panel Plugin

Modal Login Register Forgotten WordPress Plugin

It’s a simple but attractive WordPress Plugin. You can easily add a login/logout link to your site using widget or shortcode. Once you’ve clicked on that link, a login panel will be poped up. You can also set a redirect URL after login.

Modal Login Register Forgotten WordPress Plugin

Download the Plugin

Orbital Login

Orbital Login brings entire user login / registration process to your website’s frontend. Your users will no longer have to see WordPress admin backend in order to log in or edit their profile.

  • Before Login

orbital before login

  • After Login

orbital after login

Download the Plugin

BuddyPress Sliding Login Panel

This plugin adds a nice login panel in the header of the site.The panel displays a welcome message, link to registration, password retrieval, and an AJAX login form.

  • Before Login

  • After L0gin

  Download the Plugin

WP Sliding Login | Register Panel

This plugin is very simple. It adds a login/register panel on header of the site.

  • Login Panel

  • Register Panel

 Download the Plugin

WP Sliding Login/Dashboard Panel

This plugin adds a sliding login/dashboard panel to your wordpress theme.You can customize it by your own HTML content.

  • Before Login


  • After Login


Download the Plugin


 A slide in login panel. Theme based, animated, automatic user detection, uses mootools 1.4 java script.

You can use it at the right top or header on your site.

  • After Login

  • Login/Registration Panel


  • Horizontal View

Download the Plugin

So those are some awesome plugins for login/registration panel.

Do let us know which plugin you are going to use for your WordPress blog. If you find this post useful, then consider sharing it on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.


  1. says

    I implemented something like this on my website (www.e-Queries.com) . It really cool, will try on Buddy Press as well.

  2. Hasan says

    Hello Istiak Rayhan, I need login and signup panel for blogger. Please help me….

    • Istiak Rayhan says

      Actually I have no idea about how to do it on Blogger.

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