Top 10 High Paying Google AdSense Alternatives In 2016

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How many times have you applied for AdSense account and got rejected?

It could be several times or more. Maybe, you are still struggling to get approved by AdSense.

Most of the new bloggers apply for AdSense many times and become disappointed after getting rejected by AdSense. But AdSense is not the only advertising network for publishers. There are a lot of ad networks that share a decent amount of revenue to their publisher.

To be honest, though there are a lot of ad networks but there is no real alternative to AdSense. AdSense is still the best Advertising Network. But I believe ‘Something is better than nothing’.  That’s why I am going to share some AdSense alternatives.

If you are one of them who didn’t get approved by AdSense or got banned by AdSense, then you can try the following networks. You can also use these networks along with AdSense to increase your revenue. Here is the list of AdSense Alternatives (2016) that are similar to Google AdSense.

High Paying AdSense Alternatives 2016

AlternativesAd TypesMin. PaymentSign Up
media.netTargeted Text
$100 (Paypal/Wire)VisitSiteRed
revenuehitsDisplay Ads
Pop Ups
Apps & Widgets
$20 (PayPal/Payoneer)
$500 (Wire)
BidvertiserTargeted Text
Banner Ads
Mobile Ads
$10 (Paypal/Payza)VisitSiteRed
infolinksIn text
In Search
In Tag
$50 (PayPal, Wire, eCheck, WU)VisitSiteRed
$20 (PayPal, ACH, Check, or Wire)VisitSiteRed
viglinkVigLink Anywhere
VigLink Convert
VigLink Insert
No Minimum!VisitSiteRed
ChitikaTargeted Text
$10 (Paypal)
$50 (Check)
AdengageBanner Ad
Text Ad
$50 (PayPal/Wire/Cheque)VisitSiteRed
qadabraBanner Ad
Slider Ad
$1 (Paypal)
$20 (Payoneer)
$500 (Wire)
KonteraInline Text Links
$50 (PayPal/Wire/Cheque)VisitSiteRed

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Let’s see some more details of these networks…

1. is one of the best alternatives for AdSense. It is a contextual ad network, powered by Yahoo and Bing. It enables publishers to earn money from advertising revenue.

It offers customized ad units that fit with your site look. It also shows ads to the mobile phone and tablet users.

Currently, this network is not opened for public sign up. But you can request for an invitation.


Sign Up Now

2. RevenueHits

Revenuehits admits that they are not as good as AdSense, but they believe they are better than other alternatives. It’s a Performance base Ad Network that helps publishers to generate more revenue. If you are going to use this network, I would suggest you to keep your ads running for 5-6 days to get best results.
Revenuehits offers Banner ads, Sliders, Pop-unders, button etc. Minimum payout is $20.


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3. Bidvertiser

Bidvertiser is a pay per click advertising site that could be a great AdSense alternative if you didn’t get Adsense approval or got banned. The way it works is a little bit different from Adsense. While Adsense shows ads based on context or visitor’s interest, it creates a bidding system that allows the highest bidder to advertise on your blog. Initially, you won’t be able to earn much revenue as it takes some time to get your site found by Highest bidders. So stay longer.

Bidvertiser offers Text ads, Banner ads, Mobile Ads, Slider ads etc. You can also make money by promoting your customized toolbar. Minimum payment amount is $10 for PayPal/Payza and $50 for check.

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4. Infolinks

Infolinks is a bit different from other advertising networks. Mainly because it shows ads differently. It doesn’t take too many spaces of your site to show ads. It shows in text ads or pop-up ads. You can use it with AdSense safely.

Infolinks offer 4 types of ads – InFold, InText, InTag, and InFrame. All of them are designed to overcome banner blindness. Minimum payment threshold of $50 for Paypal or $100 for Bank wire.


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5. Adversal

Adversal is the best Adsense alternative in terms of serving ads. It has a great CTR and works with several languages. You need to have monthly page views of 50,000 to apply this network. Minimum payout is $20 and payment modes are PayPal, ACH, Check, or Wire. It has an affiliate program too.


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6. VigLink

VigLink is totally different from other Ad networks. It converts normal links into affiliate links. If someone makes a purchase by using your link, you’ll earn commission out of it. For example, if you have a post about iPhone or you mentioned iPhone on a post, VigLink will automatically add new affiliate links or convert existing links to affiliate links.


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7. Chitika

Next Google AdSense alternative is Chitika. If you are tired of not getting AdSense approval, then sign up for Chitika. You need not get approval for using Chitika ads on your site. That means you can monetize your low traffic site with Chitika. Just create an account and put ads on your site.

It offers 3 types of ads – Search Targeted Ads, Local Ads, and Mobile Ads. It’s PPC rates aren’t as good as AdSense.


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8. Adengage

Adengage is an online advertising network for publishers to sell direct ads. Since arrival, it has served 1.2 trillion Ads. Minimum payout is $50 and you can get paid via Paypal, Wire, Check and Western Union.


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9. Qadabra

Qadabra is a self-serve ad platform that offers performance-based advertising. It was formerly known as AdsGadget. It requires only 15 seconds to start showing ads on your site with Qadabra.

It offers banner ads including slider ads. You need not have much content to get approved by Qadabra.


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10. Kontera

Kontera is similar to Infolinks. Kontera Ads appear on hyperlinked text when you hover the mouse on the linked text. It also offers image and video ads. All ads are based on pay per click payment.

Whenever you add in text ads on your site, make sure that you are not annoying your readers with too many ads.


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My advice is not to try the networks at a time. You can do A/B testing to check which one works better for you. However, you can use 2-3 networks at a time.

Now I’d like to hear from you. Vote on this poll and let us know what is the best AdSense alternative according to you?

What is the Best Google Adsense Alternative?

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Which is best AdSense alternative for Indian traffic?


Hi Istiak, thanks for sharing wonderful information. I applied for not replied its been two weeks- what would be the reason?


Hi Rayhan,

I am doing blogging for 3 months and got Google Adsense approval, but has disapproved my blog.

I do not understand why has not approved my blog..?? Can you tell me Why..??

Gaurav Verma

I really like that is best Adsense alternative in my way.

    Istiak Rayhan

    That’s right. It’s the number 1 AdSense alternative according to our poll.

Brenda Smith

Indeed a Great post.

But according to me, none of the AdSense alternatives can give the revenue as much as Adsense can give. I haven’t tried all the above alternatives but I tried infolinks, and I had worst experience with it. After having a huge amount of traffic, I was able to make only 100-200$.

Because my blog was banned by Adsense. If this didn’t happen then that traffic can surely make around $2k+.

That’s why infolinks is far away from Adsense in terms of generating revenue.

BTW Thanks for sharing it with us.

    Istiak Rayhan

    I completely agree with you. AdSense has no real alternative. And I’ve mentioned this in the post. However, have you tried Amazon Native Ads? I hear good things about this.


How grateful am I reading this article Thanks to let us know about high paying Google Adsense alternatives for our blog. There are no doubt that Google Adsense is the world best Ad network for earn money from websites, but Google Giving strict policies My most favorite and highly paying advertising network is buysellads after Google Adsense.

    Istiak Rayhan

    Glad you found this post useful. I’ve applied for BuySellAds a long ago, but they rejected my application. I will apply it for soon. Recently I’ve discovered Amazon Native Ads. It seems a good one to me. If your blog generates US traffic, you can use it.

Aptha gowda

Revenue hits is a good alternative for AdSense. Although infolinks is good ad network, but to earn high revenue publishers need high traffic from search engine.

Tim Martine

Thankx for really a informative post, i was with adsense like 5 years and now they blocked my website for no reason, i have a video content website and im looking for a inline video ads provider, means i want to show ads inside my JW player, before i was using adsense video ads and now im looking for some alternative, hope i will get some usefull information from you, btw thankx for a great blog


I would rate Revenue Hits better than If your website is receiving lots of traffic and that too from countries like USA then will work fine. Else, They don’t provide good CPM for non US traffic.

Sam Jackson

Concern to Google Adsense Alternatives, I’d highly recommend Infolinks, or else Chitika. They converts really well as because now-a-days I’m thinking of monetizing my blog too and was in search for some good networks other than Google Adsense. Aww, it sucks something, and so I’ve found the right article.

Perhaps, thanks for the awesome and comprehensive article,

    Istiak Rayhan

    Glad you found it useful. Let me know if you need any other helps.


Hey , i started with Revenuehits i got 6000 impression too but i paid only 0.36$ . I don’t no why ?
Any one help out .


Have anyone ever tried Some of my colleagues told me that is a good platform for publishers in terms of payment and customer support as well.


Last month I got a payment from Revenuehits. It is not a bad alternative of google adsense. But sometimes it gives me a very low CPM.


Your right when you put Revenuehits ad network in the first list, it’s really in my point of view the best Adsense alternative. Nice post and very helpful blog. Good luck friend.

Sam Jackson

Google adsense account is very unsafe and I have seen many people losing their adsense account these days. These alternatives will definitively help. Is approval process easy or tough than adsense for these google adsense alternatives ?

Moon Ali

Thank you so much Istiak brother for sharing an useful information for webowners to select best alternative to Adsense but i think every blog should use first of all on priority basis Google Adsense because it gives you more revenue than others. But in my view RevenueHits and are the best.

Laura Beth @ How to Get Rich Slowly

This is very interesting. Thanks for the info. I agree – something’s better than nothing!

Ron Bray

I’m not sure why but I don’t trust websites which display ads other than Adsense. Only the highest quality and honest websites display Adsense. Adsense is the best!

    Istiak Rayhan

    This is because other networks require a lot of traffic to generate revenue which makes people to use ads excessively on their blog.


For my site that have 80% USA traffic i use It is a PPC ad network and i get around 0,30$ per click but also i get around 3$ for conversions.


Help me friends

I have started news site … i want know which ad company best for indian visitor and how to increase visitor SEO of site.

Amanur Mamun

Is accept Bangladeshi website.Are they accept Bangladeshi Visitor clicks.
If paypal is only method for payment and Bangladesh does not support it then How can get payment from

    Istiak Rayhan

    Being a Bangladeshi site is not a problem as long as your contents are in English. has both Paypal and Wire payment method. You can consider using Wire Payment method for getting payment in Bangladesh.

K Bharath

only our site or blog doesn’t get approved in google adsense after multiple attempts we can try these alternatives.

but nothing stands before google adsense for startup bloggers to earn some decent money.


This is very valuable post as I am searching AdSense alternative. You have explained very well so many Affiliates Ad Network. Please advise which one good as beginner ? Is there any Ad network similar as AdSense which give Pay per click and easy to get approval. Thanks

    Istiak Rayhan

    You can try


      Thank you so much for Advice and registered as you said and got mail they are only provide this service for English language site and also require high traffic on US/UK/Canada. Please advise other right now I registered revenuehits after reading your post. Thanks

        Istiak Rayhan

        Revenuehits is a good choice. Hope it will work for you.


Great list. I thought of trying in Infolinks and applied. Let’s see how it works for my cricket blog and will share my reviews here with you guys.

Bob Simon

Adsterra is missing here. I think this is great Ad Publisher Network among above.


I have seen many ad networks bul low cpm . now i’m using advizual ad network.they will help to inreasemy revenue and now i’m seeing high cpm


Is there not even a single one better than adsense . Sad i guess google rules everywhere because of its popularity.


Is is best alternative of adsesne for wallpaper website???


Hi Ishtiyak,

Good list of adsense alternatives. I have used chitika and other ones. But the payment is less. Currently, I am using revenue hits and infolinks are very good. Last year I got $200 on infolinks. Its going good now.


It’s all about testing and optimizing. All of the top digital publishers work with multiple networks, often more than 20 ad networks at once. Some other networks worth testing are and

Swaraj Nandedkar

Hi Ishtiyak,

Infolinks is a Good alternative for adsense. I used it on some of my blogs for testing purpose. But, they paid me very less than what adsense pays me with

similar traffic.

Still, Infolinks is better if any blogger don’t have adsense and want to earn money with advertisements.

Thanks fro this post!


I have auto blog, i did apply for the buy not get nay conformation mail, any other best publisher site

Julie Reynolds

Currently working with Envero Media and Tribal Fusion and getting good results.

Pranav jain

Hello admin, nice post.
But can we use revenue hits ads and google adsence at a same time.
Or any other ads with google?? Pls tell me.